Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hobby Challenge - Building on Break

I had been discussing with Bryan of The Deployment Zone about wanting to get more done in the hobby but being unable to accomplish everything with my limited time at home.  Bryan then threw out this little gem, I have about 30 minutes a day plus whatever I have during lunch left after my workout to work on models.  So I decided to select a bulk of my yet to be assembled models and toss them in a box to bring with me to work.  I shall be assembling the boxes listed below in order to complete my Retribution of Scyrah - Garryth army, my Circle Orboros - Grayle army and for shits and giggles my Lady Justice Malifaux crew.  I will assemble and leave the entire set of models at work until the box has been cleaned out and everything is ready for me to bring home to base, prime and paint.

The nice thing is that there is no deadline, no rush.  These are tertiary projects that I have been wanting to get to but never had the time at home (lately - twins will do that to your hobby time).  With the up and coming Ordo Fanaticus OFCC events coming up in June and August, I need to buckle down at home and spend my hobby time painting my final unit of Bretonnians and assemble and paint my Dark Eldar army.

So we'll see how this project goes.  I'll post updates of my "Building on Break" project to see if I'm able to get all of these models assembled before the summer is over.

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