Thursday, February 20, 2014

Warriors of Chaos - Skullcrushers of Khorne (Hellhounds of Hellfire) WIP

Good afternoon everyone,

I have been a monumental slacker about posting this month due to my schedule but I thought I'd take some time to post some WIP's of my Battle Standard Bearer and Skullcrushers I've been working on for my Warriors of Chaos army.

I am using the idea that rather than using the clockwork Juggernauts of Khorne that you normally see on the table, I wanted to use what could only be termed as "Hellhounds" since I'm using a Hellfire theme for my Warriors.

I bought a bunch of the Thunderwolf Cavalry mounts and a box of Chaos Knights to use as well as some Skullcrusher collars.
As you can see above, I have 3 Skullcrushers built along with the BSB.  In the far left corner you can also see what I will be using as my mounted Sorcerer Lord on a Chaos Knight steed.

Battle Standard Bearer pre-pinning to mount.

Terrible perspective of Skullcrusher.

I'm pleased with the results thus far:
More to come!