Friday, October 31, 2014

Hobby Projects for Autumn and Winter.

So this fall and winter will be quite busy for me as I have lined myself up with 3-4 projects to complete in a short time.  I have embarked on this "hobby sojourn" in order to finish up various started projects and begin to organize my hobby storage area at home a bit more.

As we age and spend money on crap, we begin to accumulate piles of things "to do".  I know in my closet I have an half painted Dark Eldar force, a Warriors of Chaos army partially assembled, 100 points of Retribution and Circle Orboros to paint and not to mention 2 more Fantasy armies and 1 40k army to repaint to match my Wood Elves.

With the End Times looming and the Legion of Chaos being an option for a unified Chaos force, the desire to redo my Beastmen and get the unpainted Warriors finished is pressing.  Plus, my wife's cousin is interested in playing Warhammer so now I have a padawan to teach.

So moving forward here is the current list of projects that should be displayed on the blog:

1. Wood Elf army pictures displayed with alternate/better backdrop. (the previous pics made everything rosey and pink)

2.  Retribution of Scyrah army painted.

3.  Warriors of Chaos - Eye Aeternum, the Hellfire Legion completed.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures up soon (and maybe a few lists!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back from Break! Retribution of Scyrah ho!

Hey everyone,

I took a few week break from blogging in order to recoup after the annual OFCC event and to refocus on the hobby.  After a few weeks I'm happy to start in on my next project.  I have decided that it is time to paint up my warmachine army and get it ready for playing.

I first began this trek by taking out all of my painted retribution of scyrah and putting it into an acetone bath.  After all the paint had been removed, I went about laying all of my newly stripped models on a cookie sheet to dry next to the sink.  My wife had said "Move  your toys I'm going to start the disposal."  as she flipped the switch to allow the sink to drain and the disposal to work.  I quickly reached out to grab the tray when I hit it instead and sent all 50 pts of freshly stripped models into the disposal....

I am glad that the disposal I invested in 4 years ago is strong enough to handle all that metal....


New Retribution models!

Also because I am insane I also decided to order custom bases from

I then went about pinning and assembling the new battle force including cutting off the tabs that are inserted into bases as the new resin bases require me to pin them.

So in a few weeks I shall begin the painting process and have 50 pts of Retribution of Scyrah ready to go!
Then who knows, may start the Circle!

Hobbytime hooo!