Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So many games, so little time.

Hey folks,

I've been terrible about blogging these past few months.  Mainly because I haven't made any real attempts to start any projects.  I've made half-assed attempts to build a unit here, paint a unit there, but nothing really substantial as far as a project.  Well that will be changing soon as I have decided to re-engage my hobby engine and start and finish the following projects:

1. 10 Glade Guard - paint/base (5 for one unit, 5 for another)
2. 8 Glade Riders - assemble/paint/base
3. Glade Lord on elven steed  - assemble/paint/base
4. 50 pts of Retribution of Scyrah - paint
5. 50 pts of Circle Orboros - paint
6. Conceptualize a 2,000 point Eldar or Eldar/Dark Eldar list
7. Buy/build/paint/base no.6
8. Build new movement trays and display board

So with that said we'll have some pics up soon of WIP.
Nothing spectacular but soon!