Sunday, September 30, 2012

Knights of the Realm Unit 2 - WIP

Here's a brief update showing some WIP shots of the second unit of Knights of the Realm in my Bretonnian army.  This unit is modeled after the Gisoreux duchy and as you can see I'm 4/9ths done!

Anyway here are the WIP's, I've got notes to prepare for tonight's podcast!

As you can also see I'm working on some freehand as well.  I'll get more bold the more I drink while painting. 

I'll have a more done hopefully soon! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Knights of the Realm Unit 1 - Completed!

Having completed my first unit of Knights of the Realm, I am pleased that I am finally pegging down how I want to army to be painted.  It took a few tries to finally figure out how I wanted to apply highlights and layers but I am confident that the next unit of Knights of the Realm will look even better. 
This is the Carcassonne themed unit while the next will hail from Gisoreux.  Anyway enough jibber jabber here are the pics!