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The Deployment Zone’s Black Spiral Campaign - Chapter 5: Judgment

The Deployment Zone’s Black Spiral Campaign
Chapter 5: Judgment

Hello everyone and welcome to Chapter 5 of the Black Spiral Campaign.  I would like to thank everyone for the 62 submissions we received which has triggered this final plot development.  The Campaign itself has received 226 total submissions and I would like to thank every player that contributed to the campaign.  The results will be read over the Deployment Zone Podcast in January of 2014 along with the raffle winners.  Thank you again for playing and enjoy the final chapter!

[[Transmission Initiated]]
[[Inquisitorial Servitor Drone Sigma- One One Four Two]]
[[Location: Aboard the Space Hulk determined to be the Eldar Craftworld of Alcazzara]]
[[Atmospheric Conditions: Faint Atmosphere, suitable breathing conditions for Homo sapiens]]
[[Gravity Conditions: Unstable, Gravity Stabilization systems aboard the Craftworld seem damaged; gravity fluctuates randomly for undetermined periods of time.]]
[[Initiating Return Protocols]]
[Transmission Terminated]]


Servitor Program – Ios V872.113 Alpha
[[Inquisitorial Conclave Concordance – Calixian Conclave]]
[[Facial Recognition Program Engaged…]]
[[Facial Recognition Program Executed.]]
[[Initiated Vox-recorder]]

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – You dispatched a Vindicare without consulting the Council?  You have passed judgment on one of our fellow Inquisitors without even the benefit of a trial?  You have gone too far this time Gerin, too far!

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Alexius, Leviticus has already passed beyond the realm of reasonable justification for his actions.  He has launched attacks on Imperial sites as well as Xenos sites to claim the arcaneotech.  He just authorized the virus bombing of a planet without…

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – A Xenos planet...

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – A planet, none the less without sanction of this Council.  He has also engaged in a space battle with members of the Thelandira craftworld.  I have had to dispatch Astares to the region to discourage all-out war with the Eldar craftworld. 

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – I am aware that the Eldar are concerned about Leviticus obtaining this arcaenotech but do any of us actually think he will be able to make it work?  Are we perhaps over-reacting to the thought of a threat rather than an actual concern? 

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – No, the threat is all too real.  Far too real for my liking.

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – Why do you say that Gerin?  What have you not told us?

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – The Farseer of the Craftworld Thelandira contacted me; he said that this is not the first time that the Black Spiral has been discovered.  A piece of the Black Spiral was discovered shortly after the Horus Heresy by the Enemy…  If not for the timely intervention by the Ulthwe` Craftworld and their theft of the artifact then I fear the forces of the Great Enemy would have had the Black Spiral millennia ago.  And while their theft was a success, it was not before the enemy had learned some of the technology involved in designing the weapon.

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgensen] – How come we have never encountered this technology before then if the Enemy possesses it?

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Oh but we have before, many times.  The Planet Killer destroyed the worlds of Macharia and Urthwart. 

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgensen] – You mean that the Black Spiral was originally found by…

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Abaddon…

[Inquisitor Ilyana Vort] – Are you saying that the Armageddon gun is based off the Black Spiral?

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Yes, and you are all aware of the devastation that weapon can bring.  Imagine that weapon on a grander scale and that is what we are facing if we do not stop Leviticus Hexx and quickly.  We can not risk Abaddon learning of the weapon being sighted again or even worse finding Leviticus before we do.

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – So that is why you dispatched the Vindicare so quickly. 

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Yes and had the Eldar been more forthcoming with their information, I would have dispatched resources to prevent this from happening long ago.  I can only hope I acted in time.

[[Recording Ended]]


[[Aboard the Ulthwe` Craftworld]]

Warseer Corin Tahl’Veras – The signs and portents have foretold of this event Autarch.  The Council has made their decision.  It is up to you to lead our forces should this monkeigh take the wrong path.

Ranger-General Sylvos Greystorm – I am aware Warseer but I will mobilize our forces and enter the webway.

Warseer Corin Tahl-Veras  - The Seer Council shall join you in this endeavor Ranger-General.  The Black Spiral can not be awakened again.  We shall attend you to ensure its capture.

Ranger-General Sylvos Greystorm – As always, your presence and guidance are welcome Warseer. 

Warseer Corin Tahl-Veras – Oh we shall be doing more than guiding, we intend to fight!  A vision of a Black Cross on a white field looms heavily over this endeavor; I fear we may have another player in the game.  We must make haste but take heed.


[[Aboard the Black Templar Strike Cruiser “Journey’s End”]]
[[Pict Recorder Footage – Imperial Date 4th day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle of the Taros System, Dominion of Storms region]]

[[Sword-Brother Heinrich]] – Marshal , we have verified the whereabouts of the Silent Retribution.  It is currently heading towards the Corinthe system within the Dominion of Storms.  You were right to set us on this course.

[[Marshal Grayson Maddox]] – Excellent, we will set a course to intercept.

[[Sword-Brother Heinrich]] – Yes Marshall, at once.

[[Marshal Grayson Maddox]] – You may come out of the shadows Assassin.  I tolerate your presence on my ship but I will not tolerate eavesdropping.  I assume that you heard we are on target to intercept the Inquisitor.  Good.  Until then stay off my bridge unless summoned.  Now be gone.                             

[[End Transmission]]

[[Transmission Initiated]]
[[Inquisitorial Servitor Drone Sigma- One One Four Two]]
[[Location: Aboard the Space Hulk determined to be the Eldar Craftworld of Alcazzara]]
[[Atmospheric Conditions: Faint Atmosphere, suitable breathing conditions for Homo Sapiens]]
[[Gravity Conditions: Unstable, Gravity Stabilization systems aboard the Craftworld seem damaged; gravity fluctuates randomly for undetermined periods of time.]]
[[Pictrecorder Activated]]

Leviticus Hexx – What is the status Lieutenant?  Have the workers finished assembling the Black Spiral?

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Yes sir, they are putting the finishing touches as per your instructions as we speak.  The weapon will be ready to be brought online soon sir.

Leviticus Hexx – Excellent, you know Lieutenant we are on the cusp of the Imperium’s salvation.  This weapon will bring about the supremacy of the Emperor’s light and peace throughout the galaxy.  They very may elevate me to Sainthood you know.  Yes a saint indeed!  Saint Leviticus!  The Sword of the Emperor they may call me, imagine a universe where Chaos does not exist and where man no longer has to fear the dark.  Where through divine providence I shall bring abou…

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir?

Leviticus Hexx – …salvation through the very words of the Emperor of Mankind himself.  I shall deliver unto…

Lt. Aaron Maxwell  - Sir, we have reports of multiple ships entering the subsystem and heading this way.

Leviticus Hexx – the salvation of mankind and ..what?  How many ships you say?

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – It appears to be an Imperial Strike Cruiser and 3 Destroyer Support Ships and also what appears to be a Dragon Class Eldar Cruiser and 2 Nightshade Class Destroyers coming from another sector.  All of them are heading this way on what seems to be an intercept course.

Leviticus Hexx – No!  Quickly, have the captain send a contingent of soldiers here and then have him take the Silent Retribution and try to lure the ships away from the Space Hulk so that we can continue to bring the Black Spiral online!  Quickly now relay that message!

[[Transmission Interrupted]]


[[Transmission Restored]]
[[Inquisitorial Servitor Drone Sigma- One One Four Two]]
[[Pictrecorder Activated]]

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir the Silent Retribution was able to lure the ships away.

Leviticus Hexx – Then bring the weapon online!

Lt. Aaron Maxwell - Sir!  The units deployed around the perimeter are reporting drop pod touch downs and spatial anomalies all over the area.

Leviticus Hexx – Tell them to marshal their forces and prepare for assault.  We must get this weapon online!

[[Transmission Interrupted]]

[[Transmission Restored]]
[[Inquisitorial Servitor Drone Sigma- One One Four Two]]
[[Pictrecorder Activated]]

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir the weapon is ready to be fired.  But we are hearing weird reports of attacks all over the ship.

Leviticus Hexx – Target the Dragon Class Eldar ship and hurry!

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir the Eldar ship has been targeted.

[Farseer Gilleath]Inquisitor, please do not pursue this course of action.  Do not activate the weapon.

Leviticus Hexx – Get out of my head witch!

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir?

[Farseer Gilleath]Please Leviticus, do not jeopardize everyone by pursuing this path of madness.  The weapon is unstable.  You did not assemble it correctly. You have already murdered one world please do not include the galaxy in your quest of madness.  You are opening rifts to the warp all over the ship.   If you do not stop…

Leviticus Hexx – Begone from my mind witch!  I will not be swayed by your twisted lies and honeyed words.  You are in league with the Great Enemy!  You seek to steal the weapon for yourselves!  I will save the Imperium!  I will save everyone!

[Farseer Gilleath]I’m so sorry Leviticus, I wish this could have ended differently.

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – The weapon is ready sir, at your command I’ll initiate the firing sequen…

Leviticus Hexx – No, I shall fire the weapon. Move over Lieutenant, the salvation of the Imperium begins…

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir!  Inquisitor!  Silent Retribution this is Lt. Aaron Maxwell.  The Inquisitor is down; I repeat the Inquisitor is down!  We need a medic down here. We…

[Transmission Interrupted]

[Vindicare Assassin] – Assassin to Marshal Maddox.  The target has been neutralized.  I repeat.  The target has been neutralized.

Servitor Program – Ios V872.113 Alpha
[[Inquisitorial Conclave Concordance – Calixian Conclave]]
[[Facial Recognition Program Engaged…]]
[[Facial Recognition Program Executed.]]
[[Initiated Vox-recorder]]

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – The Vindicare Assassin reports that the once he had assassinated former Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx that a large portal opened up next to the Black Spiral weapon and dozens of Eldar wearing Black and Bone colored uniforms spilled out of it.  They were accompanied by several large Ogrun sized constructs that our records identify as Wraithguard who carried the weapon through the portal. 

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – And what of the Black Templars?  How did our Astares fare? 

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – The Templars were assaulted by both Eldar bearing purple and red uniforms which bear the markings of the Craftworld Thelandira and also Daemons that were spilling forth from rifts and portals that were opening up all over the Space Hulk.  The daemonic incursions became so numerous that the Eldar and Templars were forced to fight alongside each other in a desperate alliance until the Eldar bearing what we now identify as the Ulthwe` craftworld markings came to their aid.  The three forces were able to fight off and expel the daemonic incursions then both Eldar forces withdrew and disappeared without a sound.

[Inquisitor Alexis Morgensen] – And what of the Black Spiral?  Did we recover any of it?

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – It appears that the Eldar disappeared with all traces of the artefact through the portal. 

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – That is unfortunate but at the same time it appears that our immediate crisis has been averted.  The Eldar will more than likely hide that weapon away once again as they were none too eager to have it operational in the first place.  It also appears that we will need to launch an investigation into what caused our Inquisitor to fall to madness but for now let us move on to other matters.  Next on the agenda…

[[Transmission Ended]]


On behalf of the Deployment Zone Podcast and my blog, we thank you for your participation in the Deployment Zone’s Black Spiral Campaign.  Due to the success of this campaign where we fielded the results of over 200 games (226 games to be exact), I will be running another 40k and Fantasy campaign in 2014. 

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!


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Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs/Chaos Ogres WIP part 3

I have managed to finally assemble all six Mierce Miniatures "Bellowing Tarvax" and "Ckaarakk, Tarvax Untain".  I was so pleased with myself because I had just finished assembling them and the weapons looked a little "off".  So I took the Games Workshop Minotaur Greataxes and with careful cutting/pinning, replaced all the weapons.  Their weapons are now a bit more sturdy, uniform and for some reason just fit the model better.  I really like how the weapons tie the unit together.

Doombull /Chaos Ogre Champion

Standard Bearer

Minotaur #1

Minotaur #2

Minotaur #3

Minotaur #4

Group Shot Part Deux!

Broken weapons =( I hate that I couldn't salvage the Mierce Axe heads very well.

Next up! Casting resin bases for them and getting this unit painted up!

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Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs/Chaos Ogres WIP part 2

Since the last blog post I've been able to actually work more on building my new minotaur/chaos ogre unit for my Beastmen/Warriors of Chaos armies.  I was having tons of luck building until literally the very last model where I broke the axe reaching for another piece.

As you can see the Mierce Miniatures axe broke off right at the handle and again at the head of the axe when I started to pin it.

Now you can see in the upper left corner the thin rod of Strip Styrene I tried to use as a handle replacement but sadly it was too thick.  So I took the Games Workshop Minotaur hand axe used for the Bloodkine and lopped off some of the handle and affixed it to the "new" Doombull's hands.  It fit almost flush and I'm pleased with the minor conversion.

The Assembled unit.  I will be casting bases for them after I am done painting them.  I have not yet decided if I will be replacing all their weapons with the Games Workshop axes or not.  While I like the variety of weapons the unit is wielding, I for some reason also have this desire for uniformity and the axes provide that.

Not to mention the weapons on these models are a little spindly.  The Mierce Miniatures do an excellent job of casting, I just wish the resin was a tad bit harder and the weapon shafts a bit thicker.  That would have resolved much of the issue I ran into when the axe broke.

Anyway here are some images of the unit (Pre-weapon swap).  Enjoy!

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Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs/Chaos Ogres WIP

As many of you know I have received my Mierce Miniatures order for the "Bellowing Tarvax" and "Ckaarakk, Tarvax Untain" models. I have begun building them so that hopefully my Warriors of Chaos army will be good to go before next year's OFCC (unless Wood Elves get a new book which case these get put to the side!).

Anyway here are some WIP's of the two I built:

I am still considering swapping out their weapons with the Games Workshop Minotaur Great Axes because their weapons seem kinda thin.
I'm not 100% sure as of yet however.

Til next time!

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Triumph and Treachery – A Warhammer Fantasy Expansion

Triumph and Treachery – A Warhammer Fantasy Expansion

The newest Warhammer Fantasy expansion – Triumph and Treachery is an expansion which features rules for playing 3, 4 or even 5 player games of Warhammer.  The game features new and unique rules to ensure that there is a singular winner at the end of game whether they triumph on the field of battle or use treachery to bring down friend and foe alike. 

The game takes a very “Highlander-esque” approach to a multi-player battle where alliances are forged and then shattered in the blink of an eye, where intrigue and illusion can make or break a player, and where your allies and enemies may swap positions every round. 

In the end however, there can be only one…

                In order to properly explain Triumph and Treachery, it would be best to describe the new Rules provided in this expansion.

1.       Trust No One - this section provides rules for battles fought with 3 or more players.

2.       Victory Tokens – a new resource system for keeping track of who is winning the multi-player battle.

3.       Treachery Cards – these are special cards that allow you to pull off dastardly ploys or help an ally in need.

4.       Mercenaries – these are rules for adding Mercenary companies to your roster from other armies.

5.       Triumph and Treachery Scenarios – they have provided three distinct scenarios specifically designed for the Triumph and Treachery rule set.

Trust No One

                The Trust No One rule is the core rule of the Triumph and Treachery expansion.  There are several rule subsets and existing rules that have been modified to accommodate multiple players using this rule in the game.  It really boils down to a simple explanation however: when a player takes a turn, they pick an opposing player at the start of each phase to be their ‘enemy player’ for the phase.  Only units belonging to the enemy player may be attacked or targeted. 

1.       Player Turn Cards – this game comes with 5 different player turn cards that are represented by a certain weapon or item (sword, axe, shield, hammer and staff).  Each player draws a card at the beginning of the game and notes which icon they drew as that will be their icon for the duration of the game.  The cards are then shuffled back into a pile.

2.       Determine Turn Order – at the beginning of every game turn of a multi-sided battle, the player turn card deck is shuffled and the top card is turned over.  The icon that is showing will denote who’s turn it is, after that player has finished their entire turn then another card is flipped until all player turns have been performed and the deck reshuffled.

3.       Friends and Enemies – The game progresses much like any normal game of Warhammer only at the beginning of each phase, the player whose turn it is must designate who the enemy player is for that turn. 

The following rules apply to the enemy player:

·         All units belonging to the player whose turn it is are considered friendly units.

·         All units belonging to the player designated as the enemy player are considered enemy units.

·         All units belonging to neutral players are neutral units for that turn.

Neutral units may not be targeted or attacked in any way.  That means that:

·         Neutral units may not attack, dispel or carry out any other actions

·         Neutral units can not be hit by attacks that use templates or markers, attacks that scatter or attacks that randomly determine who is hit, or by spells or game effects that affect ‘any unit’ with a certain distance.

·         Neutral units do not count for combat results and cannot cause disruption or affect a combat in any way.  They can’t flee or pursue, and are fled through in the same manner as an enemy unit.

Neutral units to do not take part in the phase and thus are unaffected by what happens during that phase.

4.       Game Phases –there are several small changes to the player turn phases as they pertain to the neutral and enemy player designation.

A.      Movement Phase – Charges may only be performed against Enemy units.  Neutral units serve as impassible terrain.

B.      Magic Phase – Only the enemy player receives dispel dice, and only the enemy player may be chosen as the target for spells (other than augment spells which affect friendly units).  Spells that have Remains in Play effects or that causes effects every magic phase do not affect neutral units.

C.      Shooting Phase – Only enemy units may be targeted.  Templates or marker weapons do not affect neutral units.

D.      Close Combat Phase – If friendly units are in combat with units from only one opposing army then that army’s player must be chosen as the enemy player for the Close Combat phase.  If friendly units are in combat with units belonging to two or more opposing players, then one player must be chosen as the enemy player and a Truce is called with the neutral player.  Attacks are only exchanged between friendly and enemy units.

Truces: When a truce is called in Close Combat, all neutral units in base contact with a friendly unit must be moved 1” away.  If the unit can not move due to impassible terrain or any other reason, they remain in base to base but take no part in the close combat phase.

5.       Roll Offs – In a multiple player game, the winner of a roll off then determines the order of actions for all players that took part in the roll off.  In the event of a tie, the tied players roll off again to determine the winner.

Victory Tokens

                The Victory Token mechanic is a fast and easy way to measure the accumulation of victory points for each player.  These Victory Tokens not only serve as a representation of each players running victory point total, but also serve a currency for bribing an opponent or hiring mercenaries.

1.       Coin Designation:

A.      Brass Coin = 50 Victory Points

B.      Silver Coin = 150 Victory Points

C.      Gold Coin = 250 Victory Points

D.      Gold Ingot = 1500 Victory Points

Unless the Mercenaries rule is being used, every player starts out with 2 Brass Coins.

2.       Graining Victory Tokens – At the end of each phase, the player will receive a victory token for every 50 Victory Points they scored that phase (any excess points are lost).  Example: If player A scores 313 Victory Points in the Close Combat Phase then he would receive 1 Gold Coin and 1 Brass Coin with the remaining 13 VP’s are discarded.

The player who scored the most Victory Points in a phase will receive a single bonus Brass Coin (or each player if there is a tie).

3.       Using Victory Tokens – A player’s collection of Victory Tokens are referred to as a paychest.  The player who has the largest paychest at the end of the game is declared the winner.

A player may use their Victory Tokens in various ways, they may use them to bribe another player to perform an action or bribe a mercenary unit.  You may use them to award a player for an action they performed that benefited you.  You may also promise to pay a player then be a treacherous cur and double cross them with no payment!  Not all players are honorable on the field of battle!
Treachery Cards

                Perhaps my most favorite mechanic in this game is the addition of these Treachery Cards.  These are player cards that allow you to perform actions and countermeasures against either your opponent or another player during anyone’s turn.  These actions may aid you, hamper them, help an ally or punish an adversary.  The Treachery Cards add a certain amount of uncertainty and chaos to his already hectic multiplayer battle.

1.       Gaining Treachery Cards -  Players may gain treachery cards in the following ways:

·         Automatically at the start of each game turn.

·         By rolling successfully in any phase in which they are a neutral player.

·         By making a dirty deal to get cards from another player.

A.      Start of Turn Cards – At the start of every game turn each player gets a specific number of cards dependent upon their paychest.  If the player has the biggest paychest then they get 1 card, if the player has the smallest paychest they get 3 cards while the rest get 2 cards each.  This is a good mechanic as it helps give an edge to the players that are currently “losing” and will provide them with a better arsenal of tricks to help them gain the upper hand.

B.      Neutral Player Cards – Immediately after the player chooses the “enemy player”, all the neutral players get a chance to gain a Bonus Treachery Card.  Each player rolls a D6, in a 3 person game a roll of 5 or 6 grants a bonus card while in games of 4-5 players only a 6 yields a bonus card.

C.      Dirty Deals – Players may give cards from their hand to another player.  This is known as a Dirty Deal.  What goes on in order to broker said deals is up to each player!

D.      Hand Size – Players are limited to a hand size of five cards.  If a player has more than five cards in their hand, they must immediately discard and may not play cards until they are down to five cards.

E.       Discarded Cards – Treachery cards are reshuffled into the deck once the existing Treachery deck has been exhausted.

F.       Treachery Cards - Each Treachery Card has a Title, a Description and an Effect.  Specific issues that may arise have been addressed by the Card Commentaries section of the rulebook.

                In the Triumph and Treachery game the players have the opportunity to hire Mercenary companies to fight at their side.  Each player will receive extra points to spend on Mercenary Units for their army.  The number of points each player receives is 100 points for every 500 points they have in their army (example a 2,500 point army will have 500 points to spend on Mercenaries).

1.       Hiring Mercenaries - Using the extra points generated for Mercenary units, the player may choose to employ Mercenaries from any army book they choose (except that a player may not hire Mercenaries from the same army book as their army being used).  When a player hires Mercenaries they hire what are called Mercenary Companies.  The Mercenary Company must contain at least one character to serve as the Mercenary Captain.  All units in the Mercenary Company within 6” of the Mercenary Captain may use his Leadership value in place of their own.

2.       Unspent Mercenary Points – If a player has unspent points after hiring Mercenaries, they may convert those unspent points to Victory Tokens (provided they have enough points to exchange them in for tokens) otherwise they are lost.

3.       Loyalty – All mercenary models suffer -1 to their Leadership Value.  Should a mercenary unit flee and pass a Rally test, they must immediately roll on a table and apply the result.  On a 1-4 the Mercenary Company has all the players roll off.  The winner now controls the Mercenary Company.  Loyalty comes at a price!  On a 5-6 the Mercenary Company remains loyal to their patron (for the time being).

4.       Bribing Mercenaries – At the start of any phase, a player may attempt to bribe a mercenary unit by spending Victory Tokens.  If the bribe is successful, the mercenary unit will stand back and do nothing that phase.  Attempts to bribe may be performed after the enemy player has been designated for that phase and after all neutral players have rolled to see if they get Bonus Treachery Cards.  Fleeing units may not be bribed.  A bribe is performed by placing a certain amount of Victory Tokens by the Mercenary Unit.  The controlling player (or other neutral player also trying to bribe the Mercenaries) then has the opportunity try to “outbid” the bribe by beating the amount of Victory Tokens bid by the neutral players.  If the controlling player successfully outbids the neutral players, the unit functions as normal.  After the bidding has been performed, all Victory Tokens used to bribe are swept back into the Victory Token pile and count as spent.

Triumph and Treachery Scenarios

                 There are three scenarios provided in the Triumph and Treachery set.  Each scenario has its own unique scenario special rules that yield additional victory points to each player along with unique deployment options. 

The Triumph and Treachery Boxed Set comes with a hardback 96 page rulebook providing you with rules, lore and modeling showcases.  It comes with a large amount of cardboard embossed victory tokens denoting different amounts as well as 5 Player Cards and 36 Treachery Cards.  I will go ahead and say that while the game is awesome and has potential to be a fantastic expansion, it was not worth the price that Games Workshop charged for it. 

In the end, I will go ahead and say that this expansion is a great way to diversify your collection.  It allows players to collect that one awesome unit they have always liked but never wanted to field the entire army for.  It also allows for players to forge a whole new narrative based on the epic battles they may engage in with multiple foes.  The sheer chaotic element that the Treachery cards introduces can swing battles in a single turn back and forth, and in one fell swoop close the gap between someone who was a “runaway” winner and someone who was getting ganged up on.  The fact that you may choose different enemies every phase is incredibly fun and tactical.  You could in the movement phase charge the unit you wish to annihilate, designate another player with little or no magic defense as your enemy in the magic phase and buff your unit, then in the shooting phase and close combat phase chose the player you charged as your enemy again.  You could bribe your opponents mercenaries while making a deal with another player to wipe out another player’s big unit then in the next phase turn on the player you just made a deal with and blow up his special units.  This game has a LOT of opportunity for memorable and fun experiences where you can never really be sure where you stand with your fellow players until the last turn has passed and everyone’s paychests are being counted.

The Deployment Zone Podcast will be providing a gameplay example of Triumph and Treachery during their Chaos Christmas Episode which will be recorded on Dec. 1st  

 In the end, there can be only one…