Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs/Chaos Ogres WIP part 3

I have managed to finally assemble all six Mierce Miniatures "Bellowing Tarvax" and "Ckaarakk, Tarvax Untain".  I was so pleased with myself because I had just finished assembling them and the weapons looked a little "off".  So I took the Games Workshop Minotaur Greataxes and with careful cutting/pinning, replaced all the weapons.  Their weapons are now a bit more sturdy, uniform and for some reason just fit the model better.  I really like how the weapons tie the unit together.

Doombull /Chaos Ogre Champion

Standard Bearer

Minotaur #1

Minotaur #2

Minotaur #3

Minotaur #4

Group Shot Part Deux!

Broken weapons =( I hate that I couldn't salvage the Mierce Axe heads very well.

Next up! Casting resin bases for them and getting this unit painted up!

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