Monday, December 31, 2012

The Storm Riders of Parravon - Pegasus Knights Competed - #steakbet

Here's some images of the Storm Riders of Parravon, my Pegasus Knights and Hero completed for the Bretonnian army.  This only reinforces that I need to take the time to build a photolab =).

Anyway here are the finalized pictures - better ones to come later.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bretonnian Pegasus Knights - WIP - #steakbet

I've started the unit of Pegasus Knights I'll be fielding in my Bretonnian army.  I've decided that one Pegasus shall be white, one black and one brown since the Hero on the grey Pegasus.

As you can see, I've basecoated the center Pegasus and will be figuring out how to rank them up after I've finished painting them.


Will have more pictures of completed models hopefully soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bretonnian Prophetess - Lady Ravenna of Lyonesse. - Start to Finish #steakbet

Hello everyone,

I decided for the Prophetess, Lady Ravenna of Lyonesse, that I would do a full from start to finish with her to see how many steps/paints I used as well as the length of time spent with her.
Here is the finished product:

And so we begin with the assembly, the priming with Grey primer and the first base coat which is Bugman's Glow.
 Once i had finished painting all the areas of flesh I moved on to the Zandri Dust base paint for the cloak and tapers on her staff.
I then decided that I wanted her to have a red dress so I painted her dress with the base paint Khorne Red (probably one of my favorite colors to use painting).
 I then used Rhinox Hide on her staff.
I also decided that I wanted Lady Ravenna to have black, raven colored tresses so I used the P3 Thalmar Black.  I especially like this black because it has hints of grey in it which allow you to layer and highlight on top of it with ease.

I then used Screaming Bell on the Fleur-de-les about her person, followed by Mephiston Red on the what looked like Purity Seal wax and finally Leadbelcher on her sword and staff. 

I wrapped up the base coating with the Foundation paint Charadon Granite on the stone on her staff and the fur base on her cloak followed by Averland Sunset on the dress thingy in front of her red dress. (technical terms  I know).

I started the washing process with Agrax Earthshade on the cloak.  I used Seraphim Sepia on the tapers from her staff.  I used Baal Red on her dress while washing her flesh with Ogryn Flesh.  I finished up with washing her hair, metal areas and staff stone with Nuln Oil.

Now begins the Layering section.  I used P3's Menoth White Highlight on the cloak while using Evil Suns Scarlet on her red dress.  I used Bestigor flesh on her flesh tones while covered all the areas painted with Screaming Bell with Gehenna Gold.  First round of Layers done.

I decided for the second round of layers/highlights I would use Ungor Flesh to accent the Bestigor Flesh and then use P3's Morrow White to highlight the cloak.  I finally edge highlighted and line highlighted the metals with Runefang Steel.  I also used Wild Rider Red to highlight the her dress but forgot to take a picture of it.  Now on to the hair!

I had decided that I wanted Lady Ravenna's hair to be so black it had blue highlights.  This however can be challenging to pull off when using Black as a basecoat.  So I decided to cheat - I drybrushed the black hair and the top of her staff with Longberad Grey then promptly glazed them both with Guilliman Blue.  When it dried it provided me with the desired effect of black hair with blue highlights.  I love GW's new Glazes, they are awesome.

I then used Bestial Brown on the base and sanded, flocked and magnetized the Prophetess.

The entire process to paint this model took 5 hours (3.5 hours of actual painting) - that included harassing Bryan about Blood Bowl and my purchasing of a ....Wood Elf team (shocker!), two bottle feeding sessions with the twins, and 6 diaper changes.  I'd say it's not a bad end product for the time investment.

Now that yields yet another unit/character done for the #steakbet.

Have a good one and Roll Tide!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bretonnian Peasant Archer Units - Finished. #steakbet

The two units of Bretonnian archers have been completed and assembly of the Pegasus Knights is imminent. I will someday actually set up a better photo lab so that my highlights can actually be seen in pictures I take. Grr...anyway - where are some images. The Prophetess on foot will be the next model to be painted followed by the Peg Knights.