Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs/Chaos Ogres WIP part 2

Since the last blog post I've been able to actually work more on building my new minotaur/chaos ogre unit for my Beastmen/Warriors of Chaos armies.  I was having tons of luck building until literally the very last model where I broke the axe reaching for another piece.

As you can see the Mierce Miniatures axe broke off right at the handle and again at the head of the axe when I started to pin it.

Now you can see in the upper left corner the thin rod of Strip Styrene I tried to use as a handle replacement but sadly it was too thick.  So I took the Games Workshop Minotaur hand axe used for the Bloodkine and lopped off some of the handle and affixed it to the "new" Doombull's hands.  It fit almost flush and I'm pleased with the minor conversion.

The Assembled unit.  I will be casting bases for them after I am done painting them.  I have not yet decided if I will be replacing all their weapons with the Games Workshop axes or not.  While I like the variety of weapons the unit is wielding, I for some reason also have this desire for uniformity and the axes provide that.

Not to mention the weapons on these models are a little spindly.  The Mierce Miniatures do an excellent job of casting, I just wish the resin was a tad bit harder and the weapon shafts a bit thicker.  That would have resolved much of the issue I ran into when the axe broke.

Anyway here are some images of the unit (Pre-weapon swap).  Enjoy!

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