Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bretonnian Grail Knights and Grail Reliquae WIP!

Hey folks,

Since the girls have been born getting hobby time has been hard but I'm still plugging away at the Bretonnians to get them done at 2800 pts.

Here is my newly updated hobby area with the HobbyZone items I purchased a while back.

I've got the Grail Knights almost fully basecoated and I managed to paint the the Grail Reliquae I purchased as well as the Battle Pilgrims that came with it.  I've got 18 more Pilgrims to build/prime/paint when they arrive.  As you can see I started with the test model.  Then I moved on to the full Reliquae.  I have basecoated the Knights to come from Quenelles.

I've also managed to assemble my Dark Age army.  I have chosen to play the Outcasts.  I'll do an additional blog post later on those but I'll show you the assembled army nonetheless.


Hopefully I'll be done soon and be able to move on to my Dark Eldar!

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