Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kicking off the new year right! Warmachine, Hordes and some Warhammer Fantasy WIP!

I decided to kick off the new year right by assembling a slew of new models to jumpstart the hobby for 2014!

Since it was painfully apparent that I was not the most productive hobbyist in 2013, I think that ensuring that I have my 50 point armies and the heroes of my Warriors of Chaos army assembled is a good step in the right direction!

Here is the group shot which is comprised of;
10 Mage Hunter Infiltrators
1 Epic Eiryss Mage Hunter Commander
1 Warpborn Skinwalker Alpha
2 War Wolves
1 Winter Argus
1 Reeve of Orboros
2 Wolves of Orboros
1 Narn, Mage Hunter Assassin
1 Sylys
1 Arcanist

You may also see the primed Mierce Miniatures Minotaurs in the background who are set on wine corks and ready to be painted.  Those hopefully will be done soon.

Below is the Warpborn Skinwalker Alpha.  One of my favorite models by Privateer Press but also one of my least favorite to assemble.  I am never a fan of spikes that are too small to pin being included (being too small to pin means the small drill I have which is super tiny is too wide for the bit) or pieces that are just weird to attach such as a jaw.
End result however looks great.

The Mage Hunter Infiltrators are a neat set.  The models come without arms attached and the arms specifically match their models torso.  Now I hate pinning diagonal angles which is what I had to do on half of these things.  It's a pain in the ass, learn to cast in plastic if you can't do it right.

If you will note, I have the new Eiryss model included as well.  I am not a fan of this model for various reasons.  The model is very thin and feels spindly for starters, the models metal cloak is too thin to pin and has two connection points at her shoulders.  The models arms are barely pinnable as I had to be captain awesome to get the angle right to pin.  Lastly the crossbow she has can in no way be properly pinned since the metal is not only too soft but also the connection point is too small.  Usually Privateer Press is awesome about the models they cast, this one however is a fail.

Lastly we have the two metal characters in the Warriors of Chaos army.  The Chaos Lord on a Daemonic Mount was relatively easy to assemble however I had to cut pieces of rod to serve as spikes since the spikes that come with the model are too small to pin and kept snapping off despite my best glue jobs.  Also, as you can see I have the Archaon, the Chosen laid out in pieces on my cutting mat.  He will be assembled next.  I can not wait!

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