Friday, January 24, 2014

K'Daai Destroyer w/ Brazen Wings upgrade - WIP

Hello everyone,

As many know I have begun assembly of my Warriors of Chaos list for OFCC Fantasy this year.  In the list I wanted to have units that fit the theme so the K'Daai destroyer was a natural fit!

Anyway here are two WIP images pre-wings attachment.

The first and second is before I added the minotaur horns.  I choose minotaur because the Ghorgon set was just too large and dwarfed the actual head of the Maulerfiend.

The third image should show the wings that I plan to use.  I had been unable to find a suitable type of clockwork wings or steampunk wings that would work well with the model so the Manticore wings fit the bill.

Anyway, more to come!


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