Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part I

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part I

Inquisitor Hexx:
Access Inquisitorial Log: Hexx 4-23-637.882 Sigma Centari
Passcode: Epsilon Delta 8 3 2 Phi 9 2 4 Gamma

Servitor Program
[Initiate Retinal Scan]
[Welcome Inquisitor]

Inquisitor Hexx:
Inquisitorial Journal Entry for Leviticus Hexx of Ordo Malleus
Imperial Date is the 23rd day of the 4th Lunar Cycle of the Charon system, in the year M41.637

Rumors of infernalism and heresy in the Charon system have drawn the attention of the Lords of the Ordo Malleus. 

In order to justify mounting concerns of losing an entire system to chaos, my superiors dispatched me to the Charon system to ensure there is no trace of the Great Enemy. 

Today has yielded the first break through of the past seven cycles in my investigation.  Tobias, my adept, had finally translated the first few pages of that ancient tome my acolytes discovered in the ruins of some sort of Xenos base on Charon IV. 

I had been concerned that this tome and its contents held nefarious and infernal secrets so while Tobias sat in a protective circle and translated the archaic words, an entire squad of storm troopers kept watch with hellguns ready in case possession occurred.  I was not about to have another repeat of the Langstrom IX.  Adepts are easy to replace, frigates are not. 

I have reviewed the report Tobias sent me along with the translated script and the tome seems to be a journal or record of what appears to be an Eldar witch, a farseer they call themselves.  These xenos filth apparently inhabited this world in ages past and were apparently embroiled in some sort of conflict against an enemy that Tobias and I have yet to ascertain. 

I will have Tobias continue to translate this text, the reports from my acolytes state that the ruin’s layout seemed to lend itself to being a fortress of some sort.  This will require more investigation.   While I find no trace of the Ruinous powers thus far, these xenos ruins intrigue me and will require more investigation.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx signing off.
The Emperor Protects.

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