Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Deployment Zone’s – Black Spiral 40k Campaign

The Deployment Zone’s – Black Spiral 40k Campaign

Hello everyone, 

Due to the overwhelming success of the Deployment Zone’s Tamurkhan Campaign, the podcast has decided to launch a new campaign for 40k.  The campaign is called “The Black Spiral” and will kick off September 9th and continue on until December 14th.

The Black Spiral Campaign is what we called a “weighted” campaign where there are multiple paths and ways the campaign will actually go based directly off of the actions and results from the players.  There will be a total of 4 campaign phases during the game.  Each phase will have 1 to 3 scenarios that players may choose to play and report their results about.  The reported results will then determine what scenarios will be available next phase as well as where the storyline proceeds. 

What side do I have to play on?

While in most campaigns you have a side you choose, in the Black Spiral campaign the “side” you are on is chosen when you open the scenario.  Every published scenario will designate the players one of two rolls from which I will collect win/loss/draw data from those who played what side. 

What point level is the campaign?

Each scenario will also have a different point level and will have rules provided for the more unique scenarios that this campaign will provide for. 

Why are you hosting this campaign?
The Deployment Zone takes great pleasure in hosting these online campaigns and we find reporting the findings every few weeks to be a great example of why we love these game systems.  The Tamurkhan campaign had well over 100 players and 250 games reported to me over the 12 weeks from all over the globe.  Seeing how different games went and the special events and occurrences that happened as a result of the weird scenario rules were very enjoyable and we look forward to seeing how 40k plays out.

Well what’s in it for me for participating?

Also, for every game that you report to us then we will put your name in a hat for the drawings at the end of the campaign.  Last year we gave away an army battalion and 2 gift certificates.  This year we will be providing an Army Battalion, 2 Warhammer 40,000: The Rules books and 2 Gift certificates to the winning participants of the campaign’s raffle.  So the more games you report, the greater your chances of walking away with a prize!

Where do I find the scenarios?

The Company of the Damned and The Deployment Zone websites will provide the scenarios to everyone and we will be dedicating a small segment to the results section for each phase. 

Who do I send the results to?

The results of the campaign should be mailed to

How often will scenarios be published?

That is a great question.  The scenarios will be made available every three weeks on Mondays and the results reported on our podcast The DeploymentZone.  The campaign will start Monday, September 9th (I’m releasing the first scenarios early) so the next set of scenarios would then be made available on September 30th. 

Over the next week I shall be releasing the campaign background and prelude prior to releasing the first scenario. 

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the up and coming campaign!





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