Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wood Elves ready for OFCC!

Every year the gaming club here in Portland, OR known as the Ordo (Ordo Fanaticus) holds the OFCC.  The OFCC which stands for the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge, it's a team based two day tournament for Warhammer Fantasy.  Unlike most tournaments, this club challenge is designed to be an event where the casual gamer and hobbyist can bring their army and enjoy two days of entertaining gaming without the worry of serious tournament players and their over the top lists.  The main goal of OFCC is to have each player have a fun and enjoyable game and build a memorable experience at the same time.  Now this is not to say there will not be competition and serious playing.  Most of the players that participate are pretty tough opponents so you can expect some really good and close games the entire weekend.

My gaming group has been scrambling the last few months to get their armies assembled, painted and based for the upcoming tournament on June 24th-25th.  This will be my first appearance at an OFCC event so I'm rather looking forward to the experience. After much debate our team captain decided on a name that would best describe our group, we are - "Team Tourettes - Epic Fail".  By some unfortunate twist of fate (and the inability for the tournament runner Raindog to properly read a damn email properly) my game handle "Sylvos" also has the nickname "Epic fail" instead of our team added to it in every entry.  The fact that I'm bringing Wood Elves just adds more irony to that situation.

One prevailing theme for OFCC is that the lists are to be balanced and fun.  While you can bring a devastatingly powerful list (within the list building guidelines of course), it's not really recommended.  It's supposed to be a fun event and not 'Ard Boyz.  After all this is a private and invite only event, why would you be a douche?  You do want to be invited back no? =D  Especially when there is prize support for just about everyone who attends and plays.

I've decided to bring my standard 2000 point list which has been referenced numerous times in various posts but you can view it here.

As soon as my buddies finish their armies I'll be posting their lists and doing an army showcase.  We have a lot of great players and I would really like to show off all the hard work they've put into their armies.

And now for the part that everyone really cares about - the pictures!


  1. That is one of the most beautiful armies that I have ever seen, the amount of conversions in it is brilliant and I hope the tournament goes very well. Good luck!

  2. Thanks guys! Evil Bryan is wanting me to head down to WoW to play on Sunday afternoons this summer. You may see Eldar and Black Templar action from me as well this summer Casey.

  3. Sounds like a gauntlet has been thrown!
    Challenge accepted!

  4. We can try! Just pm me on the Ordo! Same username as here.