Saturday, June 18, 2011

OFCC Army Showcase - Iraf's Skaven

In the next few weeks before and after OFCC, I will be showcasing my teammates and my opponents' armies in order to show off their hard work.  The first of this series will be my game 5 opponent and buddy Iraf.  He has chosen to bring a "soft" Skaven list for this year's OFCC.  (Soft list = no plague furnace, no grey seer, no screaming bell, no double doomwheel)

I really like Iraf's list.  While it may not look hard, he will be playing it extremely well and so I'll have to ensure the sneaky bastard doesn't catch me with my pants down in game 5.  He's running a double warlord on a bonebreaker list with no Jezzails or Abominations.  Now don't underestimate this list, it'll be very brutal based on how he plays.  I'll be posting the army lists for everyone after OFCC so that everyone can see my team's choices as well as my opponents.

Anyway - here is the part that everyone actually cares about.  The pictures!  Enjoy!

Next up will be Larry's Nurgle themed Warriors of Chaos.

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