Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The University of Athel Loren Crimson Tide! Blood Bowl time!

It's Blood Bowl season here at the Ordo Fanaticus and that means HOBBY EXCITEMENT!

I'm finally getting around to playing Blood Bowl after years and years of not touching the game and I'm finding I have forgotten far more than I ever learned... :(

That said I ordered a new team I'm going to be painting up very quickly!

Here are some pics!

I ordered the models from Black Scorpion Miniatures.

Entire team + additional models 

 2 Wardancers + Thrower with 2 Catchers and 6 Linemen

Side view of team.

Wiley Miniatures Treeman and Wardancer.
The Wardancer will be my Turn Counter.
I have a Wizard, an Apothecary and a Cheerleader along with a Dryad.(no real reason for her)

Painting updates to come!

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