Friday, April 6, 2012

Phase Three Results for The Deployment Zone's - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign and Updated 2012 Project Log.

The third phase of the Deployment Zone’s – Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign has come to a close.
The second phase lasted two weeks and during that time there were 37 games reported and 58 participants.  In the third phase Tamurkhan forged an unholy alliance with the Legion of Azgorh and their infernal warmachines.  The now swollen Chaos horde travelled to the Plain of Bones and battled the ancient Nightmare dragon lord there for dominance over the region. 

Both the Chaos and Opposition have scored a win for the past two phases.  The Opposition managed to win 17 out of the 37 games reported while Chaos pulled out 20 victories.  The Campaign Point total for the phase however was a tie with a score of 61 to 61.  This phase was rather unique in that well over 75% of the games played used the Special Scenario: The Crossing of Fire, so there were a lot of high scores in this phase.

Total Games Reported: 37
Total Opposition Wins/Points Total:  17 Wins – 61 CP’s
Total Chaos Horde Wins/Points Total: 20 Wins – 61 CP’s
Special Scenario played (The Crossing of Fire):
Dread Hosts used:
Narrative Battles: 2  
Storm of Magic:

Notable Battles during Phase 3:

2800 point The Crossing of Fire Battle – The Dread Host of Athel Loren vs. Warriors of Chaos
The special scenario was played using an Athel Loren themed Dread Host where a Level 4 Emperor Venom Dragon led an army of Stags, Unicorns, Griffons and Dragons against a Warriors of Chaos list. 
The Dread Host of Athel Loren
Level 4 Emperor Venom Dragon – General
2 units of 3 Great Eagles w/ all 3 upgrades
2 units of 4 Royal Unicorns
2 units of 4 Great Stags
1 unit of 5 Deepwood Unicorns
2 Griffons
2 Dragons
                The Dread Host of Athel Loren fought a well balanced Warriors of Chaos army and had the upper hand until in the top of the 5th turn the Emperor Dragon was Infernal Gateway’d into oblivion and the Chosen managed to carve up two dragons.  The army, having lost all three dragons and both stag units fought well but in the end suffered a defeat when the Griffons and remaining unit of Royal Unicorns couldn’t break the unit of 30 Chosen.

3500 point The Crossing of Fire Battle -Skaven vs. Dwarfs
A Grand Battle of Skaven and Dwarfs was fought in Omaha where a Slayer themed Dwarf army fought a Clan Pestilens themed Skaven list.  The Dwarfs won the battle at the end after breaking the back of the Skaven army by destroying both Plague Furnances.

3000 point The Crossing of Fire Battle – Dread Host vs. Daemons of Chaos
A fire dragon lead army of monsters fought and defeated a fairly brutal Daemons of Chaos army.  The Lord of Change and his legion of Pink Horrors and Flamers of Tzeentch could not overcome the fury of a Nightmare Dragon!  The game ended at the bottom of turn 6 and it was one of the big Opposition wins that helped tie the phase.

Phase 3 has resulted in a TIE!  The final outcome of winning each phase will be released when Phase 5 has completed and the final scenario has been released.

The second part of this post is to outline what the next few months will encompass as far as projects, themes and posts.

The Tamurkhan campaign only has 2 more phases and 6 weeks left til it over.  When the campaign has ended, I will hopefully be finished painting the Beastmen army.
Upcoming Project Log for 2012:1.  2800 OFCC 2012 Warhammer Fantasy – Beastman Army
-          Finecast Doombull
-          2 units of 5 Ungor Raiders
-          1 Razorgor Chariot and Wargor
-          1 Great Bray Shaman and conversion
-          57 Gors
-          5 Harpies
-          30 Bestigors (75% completed)
-          Display Board
2.  Realm of Battle Game Board and Extensions – Painting and Flocking
3.  Terrain (4 Citadel Trees sets, 2 Arcane Ruins, 2 Garden of Morr, 2 Dreadstone Blights, 1 Watchtower, 1 Chapel, 1 Manor House set, 1 Fortress Set, 2 Citadel hills, 1 Warhammer Barbie Tower (forgot name but I know you instantly know what I am referring to), 6 Arcane Fulcrums and about 6-8 other of the buildings that I can not remember at the moment. 
4.  2800 OFCC 2013 Warhammer Fantasy – Bretonnia Army:
                This army has not yet been determined; I am considering and biding my time until I find out if they are receiving a new book this year or in 2013.
5.  2000 Warhammer 40k Ulthwe` Eldar – Army reconstruction
                I currently possess well over 3500 points of Eldar but I am currently in the process of redoing the entire army.  I will not start this project until after both 6th edition Warhammer 40k has been released and the new Eldar codex has been dropped.  I currently plan on incorporating several Forge World models that were featured in the Imperial Armour 11: Doom of Mymeara such as the Warp Hunters. 
6.  2000 Warhammer 40k Eldar Corsair Army
                Once I have received the Imperial Armour 11: Doom of Mymeara and both 6th edition and the new elder codex is released I will be also attempted to augment my existing Eldar collection with the new Corsair options to give me an additional Eldar army with a completely different feel and ruleset.
7.  Preferred Enemy Compendium -
                I would like to flesh out the Preferred Enemy compendium with at least one unit from every army to provide a more comprehensive tactical collection for Wood Elf players.
8.  35pt and 75pt Warmachine - Retribution of Scyrah Army
                I currently only have 75% of a 35pt army completed and I plan on completing this army using the new Games Workshop paintline.
9.  35pt and 75pt Hordes – Circle Orboros Army
                I will be assembling and painting a 35-75 pt army of Circle Orboros.  I already possess all the models I just need to get off my butt and assemble them.
10.  2000 Warhammer 40k Black Templars
                I will be adding new units and reconstructing the army in anticipation of the new Black Templar codex and 6th edition 40k.
11.  1000 Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar army
                I currently possess an unassembled Dark Eldar army that I will be assembling and painting up this year.  Having worked on the armor of my Bestigor unit, I have figured out an excellent method of painting the Dark Eldar much like how they were outlined in White Dwarf. 
12.  1000 Warhammer 40k – Bran Redmaw Space Wolves
                Using the Imperial Armour 11: Doom of Mymeara and the current Space Wolves codex; I will be assembling and painting a Bran Redmaw themed …13th company Space Wolves army.  This army may not actually exceed 1000 points but I am working rather hard this year on expanding my collection and hobby to be more than just huge sprawling armies but rather multiple armies of varying sizes which can always be expanded upon later.

These are the 12 Labors of John that I will attempt to complete for the remainder of the year.  Each of the bullet points should be a topic moving forward and/or an update for the blog.  You’ll notice that there is a huge influx of 40k items in the list.  I have decided that in order to provide a better podcast it is more reasonable for me to continue to play both games rather than only focus on Warhammer Fantasy.