Thursday, April 26, 2012

Phase Four Results for The Deployment Zone's - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign

The fourth phase of the Deployment Zone’s – Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign has come to a close.
The fourth phase lasted two weeks and during that time there were 31 games reported and 58 participants.  In the fourth phase Tamurkhan invades the Border Princes, ravaging the country side and slaughtering the smaller duchies.  The now swollen Chaos horde travels towards the heart of the Empire and to Winter’s Teeth Pass. 

Chaos managed to win this phase by a fairly overwhelming margin, the unique encounter really gave the Chaos Horde the upper hand from the get go.  The campaign scenario provided only yielded 1 Opposition win out of the 7 battles fought using it. 

Total Games Reported: 31
Total Opposition Wins/Points Total:  11 - 14 Campaign Points
Total Chaos Horde Wins/Points Total:  16 – 32 Campaign Points
Total Draws: 3
Special Scenario played (The Tide of Ruin): 7
Narrative Battles:  1
Storm of Magic:  0

Notable Battles during Phase 4:

2800 point Tide of Ruin – The Great Hunt of Athel Loren vs. Warriors of Chaos
The special scenario was played using my Wood Elves and well, I changed up the list to make it work for a Watchtower scenario so I threw the Lore of Life Spellweaver w/ the Rhymer’s Harp, the BSB with Hail of Doom Arrow and a unit of 40 Glade Guard with a Flaming Banner in the Watchthower .  I had Treekin, Dryads and a Treeman defending the rest of the area. Unfortunately, 2800 points of Chaos using a huge unit of Chaos Knights will survive and slay just about anything =).  Wood Elves were defeated to the man by turn 3.

3000 point Watchtower – Ogre Kingdoms vs. Vampire Counts
The nefarious Vampire Counts attempted to defeat the Ogres that were occupying the Watchtower with the Gnoblars of Destruction.  The Vampire Counts could not break the Ogres and were defeated at the end of the game.  Notable mentions – Level 3 Death Wizard w/ 5+ ward save defeats Level 4 Slaughtermaster w/ Fencer’s Blades and 4+ ward save in a challenge (apparently it took 3 rounds to do so).

2400 point Tide of Ruin – Skaven vs. Tomb Kings
The Tomb Kings took on the Skaven of Clan Pestilens. This was one win for the Opposition where the Tomb Kings and their Hierophant managed to stave off the Skaven Horde.  The Tomb Kings using Carrion took out all the Skaven warmachines and managed to also take out the Jezzails granting a pretty impressive win for the Tomb Kings.

Phase 4 has resulted in a win for Chaos!  The final outcome of winning each phase will be released when Phase 5 has completed and the final scenario has been released.