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The Deployment Zone’s - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign Phase 4: The Scouring

The Deployment Zone’s - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign Phase 4:
The Scouring

The Black Fortress loomed in the distance, black smoke belched from it’s depths.  Tamurkhan’s vision lead him down the path to this citadel of ash, fire and ruin to forge an alliance with its twisted inhabitants.  The black clouds obscured the sun, the belching black smoke creating a dark aura around the tower that seemed to suck the light from the surrounding sky.  Astride Bubebolos the Toad Dragon, Tamurkhan lead his plague host deeper into Chaos Dwarf territory until they stood at the entrance to the great castle.  The haze of darkness fell and the chaos host found themselves surrounded by an army of black armored dwarves each wielding a wickedly sharp axe and glaring at them with red, hateful eyes.  The two armies met and their leaders discussed the benefits of a truce, the chaos dwarves finally convincing Tamurkhan to help them defeat a horrific dragon that had plagued their city for generations.
It was there that the forces of Tamurkhan alongside Lord Drazhoath’s Legion of Azgorh marched on to the Plain of Bones to battle the Dragon Omdra the Dread.  This monster of legend had gathered enough power to control every aspect of its nightmarish realm.  The combined horde battled the dragon for days until finally the Dragon maddened by blood loss and finally fled the area, burrowing itself deep in the  earth to recuperate its wounds.  Breaking through the Plain of Bones the horde descended upon the Border Princes…

Scenario Rules for Campaign Phase 4 – The Scouring

Special Scenario:  The Tide of Ruin (3 CP to the victor)

The Scenarios: (roll a D6 to determine what battle you play – or you may elect to play the Special scenario instead)

D6           Result
1-3          Hired Swords* (1 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook)
4              Loot and Pillage* (1 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook)
5              Blood and Glory (2 CP to the victor – fought as a Grand Battle see the Warhammer Rulebook)
6              The Watchtower (2 CP to the victor) - Opposition always starts in control of the Watchtower or a Storm of Magic scenario (2 CP to the victor) as chosen.

* - Narrative scenario from the Warhammer Rulebook

Special Rules: Blood Money:
The Border Princes are filled with unscrupulous killers and hired blades, willing to sell their swords for blood money.  As a result, any army in this phase can take on a single unit of mercenary troops if it wishes from its normal points value.  Use the rules for Allies found on page 136 of the Warhammer Rulebook to determine what troops are available, with a single Core or Special choice from an army that would be classed as either Trusted or Suspicious ally for your army available.  Mercenary units may be used normally but are still subject to the Alignment matrix effects as shown on page 139 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Victory Effects: Victory effects will be listed when the final scenario is released.

Special Scenario:
The Tide of Ruin
This scenario represents the savage wave of destruction the Chaos horde drove across the Border Princes, where many isolated holdfasts were soon surrounded and beset by a vastly outnumbered force.

Armies: This scenario is for two players.  The Chaos Horde represents the Attacker, and the Opposition the Defender.  Each player chooses their army list from the Warhammer Army book to an agreed points value, with refrence to the outline of phase 3 of the Throne of Chaos campaign, and the proviso that the Defender's point value should only be 50% of what the Attacker has. 

The Battlefield: The table is set up using the rules presented on page 142 of the Warhammer Rulebook, with a bias given towards craggy hills, woods and pools, leaving a 24” x 24” area at the center of the board clear for the movement of scenery.  The Defending player may then set up either a hill with a watchtower, a cluster of three small buildings, or a single multi-part building along with 4 6” obstacles anywhere within the central cleared area as they wish. 

Deployment: First the Defender sets up their entire army in their central deployment zone.  Next, the Attacker sets up their entire army anywhere outside of 12’ of the Defender’s deployment zone.

First Turn: In this scenario the Defender goes first.

Game Length: The game lasts until the defending player is wiped out or has driven entirely out of their initial deployment zone – the game ending as soon as this has occurred, or until the sixth turn has ended.

Victory Conditions: Victory in this scenario depends on how long the Defender manages to last.
1-2          Crushing Attacker win.
3-4          Attacker Wins
5              Defender Wins
6              Crushing Defender Win     
Scenario Special Rules: Nowhere to Run:The Defenders know that nothing but death awaits them should they flee.  While they are within their deployment zone all Defender units gain a +1 bonus to their Leadership, and while outside suffer a -2.

Blood Hungry:
Overwhelmed by bloodlust and the scent of fear from a cornered enemy, all attacking units have the Hatred special rule.

Wrack and Ruin
This scenario uses the Destroying Buildings special rules as found in the Raze and Ruin .

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