Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bestigor WIP part 3

Having spent the past 3 weeks painting a single unit - batch painting style... I am pre-maturely saying I am done with the unit (prior to basing them on their resin bases) for now - I will paint the Gor unit then return to added the final details.  Otherwise I will throw the entire unit against the wall and rage-quit!

Since last post I have performed the following:
1. Applied Badab Black (Nuln Oil) and Devlan Mud (Angrax Earthshade) to areas of cloth/metal/armor
2. Added lowlight of Red Gore
3. Added highlight of Blood Red
4. Applied highlight of Mithril Silver to metal bits and armor
5. Applied Cathan Brown to areas of ropes/leather/etc..
6. Painted quick outline for standard - will be adding random standards with free-handed designs on them.  I will be adding more freehand and detail to the banner but I seriously need to paint something else or I'm going to grow to hate this unit =).