Friday, September 26, 2014

OFCC 2014 bound!

Alrighty folks,  it's been a year and a few months since last OFCC but it's now time to depart unto this massive Nerd Safari!

I'll be providing a pictures later but I wanted to show off the finalized display board for the event!

See you after this weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Orion WIP and Display Board WIP

Before OFCC 2014 arrives I am trying to complete one last model which is Orion, King of the Woods for my 4,000 point Wood Elf army and also a reasonably easy display board.

Here is the layout for the display board.  I'm going to cut out the areas for the movement trays then prime, sand, flock and call it good.

Here are the first run pics of Orion.
I hope to have him done before OFCC.

5 Layers with 2 more to go on skin then we may move on to Loin cloth and horns.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Citadel Wood - Painted and Flocked.

The one final element I almost forgot to have ready for OFCC was my "free" citadel wood that the Wood Elves get.  Rather than an arbitrary speed painted one I decided to take a few hours and make this one look nicer than I normally would have.  I may add a flag or sign to it later for more customization but as for now it's done.

Here we go:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

What has been going on in the hobby this summer.

This summer has been a rather exciting and busy time for the hobby and gaming in general for me.  It all began with the release of the new Wood Elves army book in May and the subsequent release of several new kits for the army.  That release began the new army project I have been working on all summer which is the creation of a massive Wood Elf army that can be used in various incarnations and point values.  Soon after the release of the Wood Elves army book, Games Workshop released the 7th edition of Warhammer 40k.

The new edition release for 40k renewed my interest in the game and resulted in the shelving of all my old previous 40k models and the foundations started to create my new Eldar army soon as the Wood Elves are completed.  Just as my focus had realigned itself on my Wood Elves (which I had spent pretty much every night for months painting) then Dungeons and Dragons released their newest edition, 5th.  That resulted in the subsequent decision to DM a campaign with a few friends on Tuesday nights.  Prior to that we had the releases of the Space Wolves, Orks, and Grey Knights for 40k and then Guardians of the Galaxy came out in the theater.

Guardians of the Galaxy prompted me to finally just give in and subscribe to Marvel Unlimited in order to read the hundreds of comics I used to collect.  This followed by the Disney explosion of Princess Sofia and other Disney Princess paraphernalia in my house has prompted me to also collect Hirst Arts molds to create a Disney Princess castle for my girls.

So that said let us review my army projects, hobby projects and items to collect over the summer and moving forward.

Army Projects:

1. The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren

To collect and paint:
- Waywatcher Lord model
- Spellsinger model 
- Great weapon character
- Spellsinger on Unicorn
- 15 Glade Guard
- 15 Glade Guard
- 12 Dryads
- 20 Eternal Guard
- 20 Wildwood Rangers
- 6 Wild Riders
- 6 Wild Riders
- 8 Sisters of Thorn
- Treeman
- Treeman Ancient

To touch up and update:
Waywatcher Lord
Battle Standard Bearer
10 Waywatchers

2. Limited Edition Wood Elves Army Book
3. Limited Edition Dark Elves Army Book
4. Limited Edition High Elves Book
5. 7th Edition Rules Compendium

Marvel Comics: (Story arcs)
6. Infinity Gauntlet Compendium
7. Infinity Gauntlet Companion
8. Civil War

Dungeons and Dragons
9. Players Handbook
10. Starter Set

Dark Heresy
11. 2nd edition Dark Heresy

Hirst Arts:
12.  Castle Mold #40
13.  Castle Mold #50
14.  Castle Mold #60
15.  Castle Mold #52
16.  Castle Mold #86
17.  Castle Mold #200
18.  Castle Mold #203

19.  Retribution of Scyrah 50 pt army (collected but not painted)
20.  Circle Orboros 50 pt army (collected but not painted)

21.  Ipad

22. Display Board for OFCC 2014
23. Disney Princess Castle
24.  Design and purchase new Eldar army to replace old models/paint job.

So as you can see its been a very busy summer for me and I'm not yet even close to being done with some of my newer projects (read: Disney Princess Castle, Eldar Army, Retribution of Scyrah and Circle Orboros armies)

Guess everyone can look forward to some more updates in the up and coming months!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Growing Pains Part 2: Making it all fit inside the Table War Case

So, I have painstakingly painted an entire legion of models.  I have enough to field 3 variant 2800 point lists and 2 variant 3000 point lists with my Wood Elves.  The issue I am running into now is space.  I had originally purchased my Table War case because it was a fantastic method of displaying the army and also protecting it at the same time.  As I have used this wonderful transport, I have had a desire to turn it into even more of a display case by basing and sanding the trays.

So I started my night by priming and painting my movement trays (for all the incarnations of this army).

Afterwards I took stock of what I had.

Having decided that it would be awesome to have a "display tray", I had primed, sanded and based 3 of the Table War trays.

So after various attempts to make it all not only fit on the trays but also inside the case I managed to come up with this configuration.

I had to unfortunately remove the drawer in order to make this all fit (stupid tall banners).  But 4k points worth of elves fit within the case after a while.

I still find Table War a great case but I may need to either a. slim down my inventory or b. suck it up and keep it as such and just create and carry a display board for OFCC.

I have not yet decided but I have just under 30 days to decide. So, I'm out for now but I'll post again soon!