Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bestigors WIP Part 2

Before I begin to compile the Tamurkhan Phase 3 results and the Phase 4 scenario, I thought I would toss up a real quick WIP for the block of bestigors I've been working on.
Having primed and basecoated with Scorched Brown and then Tallarn Flesh with an Ogryn Flesh wash followed by Dwarf Flesh highlight and Elf Flesh Highlight here is what we have accomplished.

1. Using Boltgun Metal I basecoated all the areas of metal.

2. I then added the Mecharite Red foundation paint on all areas of armor.

3. I then used Khemri Brown foundation paint on all the areas of cloth and banners followed by the foundation paint Dheneb Stone on all areas of teeth, bone, and weapon wraps and then drybrushed it over the horns.

Next I will begin the wash cycle where I will be applying Badab Black and Devlan Mud in the correct areas followed by highlighting metal with Mithril silver, red armor with Red Gore and then Blazing Orange and finally applying Cathan Brown to the hooves.  Then I get to start detail work...oh ...boy....

Then on to the Gors! Only 58 to go!!!