Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Hunt vs. The Brazen Legion

Tonight I took on Tom's Khorne/Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos army.  I got absolutely flattened.  It was awesome!  I instantly saw exactly what I should have done differently but by turn 3 there was no way I would have been able to recoup the amount of victory points I had lost.  Tom was awesome to play against.  He had a nicely painted army and really is one of the nicest guys to play against.  He decided to take on my Wood Elves since I have a predominantly ranged army with a lot of specialist archers that can negate his heavy army.  After 3 turns I was unfortunately not able to do much against him however.  I was able to take out 2 units of marauders, 1 unit of marauder horsemen, 1 unit of mounted chaos knights, a chaos spawn and 2 units of chaos hounds.  Tom managed to wipe out 2 units of glade guard, 3/4th a unit of waywatchers (by making me kill my own troops with one of his tzeentch spells!), my wild riders, wardancers, treekin and all my dryads.  It was a high casualty battle but in the end Tom was ahead of me in victory points 2 to 1. 
Jeremy and Larry also were playing Brettonia vs. Ogre Kingdoms and I believe their game also ended on turn 3 due to time constraints. 
Tonight was a very educational game, I need to learn to not line up my archers like a gun line because that really does them a severe disservice when it comes to maneuvering them on the field.  Once again I managed to also not use multiple unit assaults which proved to be the downfall of several of my units. 
As we approach 8th edition I am steadily seeing how I am going to have to change my army list slightly to be more maneuverable and much more efficient.  I foresee adding a Spellweaver and dropping the amount of melee units I have to 3 instead of 5.  I also see me taking less characters and more archers.  That however is a topic for another post =).

Here are the images of tonight's games.  Enjoy!