Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wargames Wednesday at Ancient Wonders

This Wednesday proved to be a great day for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k.  A lot of great games were going on and I was able to capture some battle reports and pictures of some of the games.
Games for Wednesday:
John's Ulthwe` Eldar vs. DJ's Ultramarine 7th Company Bike Army
Shawn's Orks vs. Jeremy's Chaos Space Marines
Tom's Khorne and Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos army vs. Eric's Dwarves
Chuck's Tomb Kings vs. Josh's Empire
Aubrey's Nightbringer Necrons vs. Jimmie's Deciever Necrons

I pitted my Ulthwe` Eldar Company of the Damned against DJ's Ultramarine Bike army.  I liked DJ's army and what he wanted to do with it.  He used the points denial strategy in that he held everything in reserves the entire game which I felt probably was a huge disadvantage for him against my Eldar. 
We played Spearhead deployment with Kill Points for mission.  Here is my deployment while DJ was in reserves.

Here is DJ's Ultramarine 7th Company.  He had multiple bike squads with Attack bikes and a captain and librarian mixed in.

Here is Turn 2 where he had 3/4th's his army come in.  Sadly he turbo-boosted everything and that proved to be his undoing when I was able to swing into position and unload with everything.

Here is the bottom of turn 3.
As you can see he doesn't have much left of his army due to extremely good rolls on my part and terrible rolls on his.

Bottom of Turn 4.

Top of Turn 5 ended up with my Storm Guardians removing the remaining unit of bikes on the board along with my Seer Council and Dark Reapers batting clean up and removing what was left of his army. 

End of game at Turn 5:
Ulthwe` Eldar 8
7th Company Ultramarines: 1

Here is Shawn and Jeremy's game.  As you can see Shawn was ready to rock and Roy was for lack of a better term "Super excited!"

Here is the bottom of turn 5 for Shawn and Jeremy's game.  Shawn's dice were not his friend this game, that and how in the hell does a Chaos Space Marine Raptor squad of 8 survive 44 flamer wounds and then 34 flamer wounds and only lose 4 guys?  Seriously, wtf??

At the end of the game Jeremy held 2 Objectives to Shawn's 1.

Here is a picture of Tom and Eric's game.  I sadly forgot to take more pictures of his army due to my game going on.  I also didn't get to photograph the other 2 games in the other room. 
I've got a game against Tom's Warriors of Chaos in 2 weeks and Wood Elves are awesome but his army is so damn tough. 

So... if you are bored on a Wednesday come on down to Ancient Wonders and grab a game.  We always have a LOT going on.