Monday, June 7, 2010

Eldar D-Cannon Weapon Support Batteries WIP

I recently obtained two of the new Support Weapon Battery kits from GW.  I know I'm an odd duck for voluntarily choosing to use the Support Batteries but I really, really dig them.  I've used every type of Heavy Selection in the Eldar Codex (not the Night Spinner since it's a. not in the codex and b. just came out) and I made the decision to put away my Fire Prisms and go back to basics.  i.e.  Dark Reapers, War Walkers and Heavy Weapon Support Batteries. 
The Heavy Weapon Support Batteries I will detail in another post when I go into tactics for the Eldar army and their unit choices.  In the meantime enjoy the WIP images for my new D-Cannons!