Monday, June 7, 2010

Eldar Tactica - Sylvos's Art of War for the Eldar

I was sitting at the game shop a few days ago and someone started to ask me how I used unit X and unit Y in my Eldar army.  This gave me the idea that I could provide my perception of the Eldar army in the form of a tactical journal so that others can maybe read it and also provide their own experiences with the unit.
I will be posting a series of tactics and descriptions of every unit in the current Eldar codex over the next few weeks.  Each article will present you with a outline of every unit's strengths and weaknesses as well as how I have used them in the past.  Now keep in mind this is how I use them and not how every other player uses each unit.  Hopefully by giving a full accounting of each type of Eldar unit I will be able to provide some helpful information and maybe alternate options of how you can use these units in your army.
I will be starting with HQ selections then moving on down the list in the codex.
I will also be including some snazzy fluff and background for each unit and what craftworlds utilize that unit the most in case you do not wish to run with the Ulthwe` theme.
With the exception of 3 Phoenix Lords, I have used every unit in the Eldar codex and even the Phoenix Lords that I have not used their tactics do not vary much from the ones that I have.
The first article will concern the Autarch and go from there.
Good reading!