Sunday, July 11, 2010

8th Edition Wood lf Army List - V.1.0

Now that 8th Edition has arrived and the Errata/FAQ has been released and I've had time to play a few 500 point games - I think I've come up with a good prototype for my army in 8th edition.  I'm going pretty hard for the mobile/ranged army with some good heavy hitter units as well.  I really wanted to make a friendly list that still encompassed the overall theme of what appealed to me about the Wood Elf army. Granted with the changes in 8th edition, I'm going to have to seriously maneuver and pick my fights intelligently.
I played 3 500 point games in a mini-tournament over at Ancient Wonders today and ended up being 1-2.  One thing I realized is that prolonged combat will destroy my army.  I will have to select a unit, wear it down with ranged attacks and then hit it with my 2 close combat units.  If I do not win the combat and wipe out that unit, I'm gone.  Now I could break down and use the two units that most Wood Elf players will be using - a large block of Eternal Guard with a Highborn (Leadership 10 Stubborn 3 ranks fight if charged) and a 3x2 unit of Treekin (Monstrous Infantry, Stomp attacks, Rank Bonus etc..).  I personally would like to avoid using this type of list because I really want to emphasis a fast and maneuverable army that literally fights from the forest.
The Wood Elf army is a guerrilla warfare type army, lots of mobile archers and units that can really capitalize on terrain.  Ranged warfare is something they specialize in.  So, with that in mind here is my prototype list for 8th that I will be using for a few games.

The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren

The Forest Stalkers of Athel Loren
Waywatcher Lord Sylvos Greystorm the Huntsman, Ranger -General of Athel Loren
-Highborn 145, Scout Kindred 25, Bow of Athel Loren 35, Arcane Bodkins 25, Extra-hand weapon 6: 236
The Stalkers of the Silent Path
10 Waywatchers - 240

The Sylvan Knights of Coeth-Mara
Lady Nepenthia Dreamsinger
-Noble 75, Battle Standard Bearer 15, Pageant of Shrikes 25, Light Armor 2, Razor Standard 45: 162
The Farstriders of Lady Dreamsinger
19 Glade Guard 228, Standard Bearer 12, Musician 6: 246
Druidess Nysa Greystorm, Priestess of the Kel-Isha
-Spellweaver 215 (Lore of Beasts), Level 4 Wizard 35, Wand of the Wych Elm 55: 305
The Storm Warders of Athel Loren, Guardians of the Grove
-19 Glade Guard 228, Standard Bearer 12, Musician 6, Aech - Banner of Springtide 25: 271

The Wild Hunt
The Handmaidens of Durthu
-13 Dryads: 156
The Riders of Twilight, Outriders of Huntmaster Lloric Tanelsan, the Lord of the Hunt.
-10 Wild Riders 260, Musican -free, Standard Bearer 18, Wild Hunter 18: 296

The Dawn-Riders of Athel Loren
The Sethayla, Talons of the Hawk Lord
-6 Warhawk Riders: 240
Scrya - Talon of Dawn
-Great Eagle: 50
Borcha - The Silent Wind
-Great Eagle: 50

Total: 2250

Model Count: 82
Ranged Attacks: 61
Ranged Units: 4
Close Combat Units: 4
Total Units: 8

Options:  I have 14 points to figure out what to do with, this could include increasing my Dryads by 1, dropping a Warhawk Rider and gaining back 40 points and getting the Terror-banner for my Wild Riders., or various other ideas that I'm sure I'll fiddle around with until I'm 100% comfortable with the list.  Other options include - reducing Sylvos's Kindred status to a non-kindred, dropping a Warhawk and the stand and shoot banner from the glade guard and adding a noble with a Hail of Doom Arrow that will accompany the Waywatchers.  I'll mull a few options over and see what pops up.  

I'll also post an update this week with my Wild Rider conversions, they are getting close to being completed.

Making this list a 2500 point list is actually fairly easy:

I drop 3 Warhawk Riders.
I lose the Aech - The Banner of Springtide
I lose 1 Dryad
I add 6 Treekin
I add the banner of eternal flame to the Glade Guard unit that lost it's original magic standard.