Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wild Rider Update and Warhawk Rider Pictures.

Here are some pictures of my converted Wild Riders.  I painted the armor Burnished Gold and then washed it with Thraka Green.  It got the metallic green armor look I was going for and I think I will be repeating this when I paint my dragon later on this summer.

The Wild Riders required a bit of detail work in order to make sure the mount looked like it fit properly with the rider - i.e. Greenstuffing the torso to fit the legs.

I also ordered 6 Warhawk Riders (Silvanus models) and 2 Great Eagles from Gamezone.  These models look great when put together but are horrible when they are unassembled.  Looking back I should have taken pictures of them before I had my friend Neil assemble them for me but oh well.  They are HUGE too.  6" wingspan on each and I think I will have to be creative with their bases in order to make them fit side by side when they are moved into close combat.

Anyway without much further ado, finished Wild Rider no.1 and Warhawk Riders.