Monday, July 12, 2010

Conversion Plans for 8th Edition

Just when I thought I was done with my Wood Elves and able to play a game with a fully painted army - 8th edition struck!  Now I have the "my army must look unique and be awesome" bug.  What am I going to do about it you say?  Well... I shall tell you!

In the next few updates I will be posting pictures of the current conversions, multi-basing, re-basing and painting of the models for my Wood Elves.  As soon as these are done I will have a fully painted 1500,2000,2250,2500, and 3000 point roster complete with snazzy do-dads and whatchamagigs!

Current Scheduled Projects for The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren

1.  Convert 3 more GW Wild Riders using the Privateer Press Raptor units.
2.  Finish painting and also paint the 3 new additions to the already converted Wild Riders.
3.  Convert the Wild Rider Champion - The Wild Hunter to be unique but also fit in with the converted Wild Riders without having to buy yet another Raptor.  - This project is already underway!
4.  Convert 3 Dryads and Glade Rider Horses using a 40mm base to be 3 Treekin.  These 3 converted Treekin will be put with my 3 GW Treekin and really make the unit look interesting.
5.  Base and paint the 6 Gamezone Warhawk Riders and the 2 Gamezone Eagles I obtained.
6.  Build and convert 38 Glade Guard into dynamic poses and unique banners (Beastman Gor crucified on a banner and a Dryad molded into another Banner) and place them on a large Screaming Bell multibases and regimental bases.
7.  Paint the new Glade Guard models
8.  Paint Battle Standard Beaerer
9.  Paint and do a little conversion work on Spellweaver.  - also possibly obtain a 2nd spellweaver (may just use Branchwraith Model because I did such a good job on painting it)
10. Rebase entire army using better sand/static grass
11. Magnetize each unit
12.  Make movement trays for both Rank and File units as well as my Skirmishers.
13.  Add GW Trees to most of the Movement Trays or large bases.  Goal is to make army look like they are always fighting from the forest.
14. Assemble and paint the wicked cool awesome and bad ass Ultraforge Dragon that arrived today!
15.  Pluck the BattleFoam trays to fit all the units easily and transport my newly updated army to the Gamestore or my friend's houses to play a FUN GAME!

I will be posting many, many pictures of my progress in the next few weeks.  While all my friends are playing Warmachine and Hordes, I will be sitting in the corner "modelling".

God help us when I start my Beastman army....