Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wild Rider Update, 6 of 10 Completed. Wild Rider Champion WIP

I am now done with 6 out of 10 converted Wild Riders.  I have 3 more full conversions to complete and 4 models to paint.  I always wanted to use the Mounted Wood Elf Noble model but I did not want to even attempt to modify the body of the Privateer Press Raptors since it would involve literally shaving and sanding off the bottom torso of the wild rider.  I also did not want to alter the Wood Elf Noble model at all because I liked the way it was designed. So... I got creative and while I'm not 100% happy with the conversion, sometimes you suck it up and say "Works for me!".

Anyway here is a line up of 6 of the 10 painted plus 1 unpainted.

I wanted to match the Raptor models as closely as I could without having to do an insane amount of modification so... I cut and glued some Dryad arms together and pinned them to the metal Wild Rider mount head.  I kinda dig it!

Here you can see that I took some green-stuff and sculpted "fur" as best as I could.  This is really my first  try at sculpting something other than a knee or hiding a seam.  I'm pleased with it and I'm sure it'll look better when it's primed and painted.

This model and it's mount will serve as the Wild Hunter (unit champion for Wild Riders) unless I decide to use him as a Wild Rider Kindred in which he will be a full character.

Hope you guys enjoy my update.  I've got 3 more conversions to perform until I can move on to my Warhawk Riders and Giant Eagles!