Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wood Elf Modeling and Wild Rider Update

So... I've was looking at my army and realized I have some pretty boring looking Core troops for my Wood Elves.  I was hoping that I would have something that people would look at and go "oh neat" or "Hey that's cool".  So... I have been working on making some of the Wood Elf Glade Guard a bit more dynamic looking and hopefully after these new models are painted I'll be willing to redo the other 20 and have them all fancy looking and what not.
Anyway here are some WIP of my new Glade Guard and some Wild Rider conversion pictures:
I have painted the cloaks Codex Grey and the hair Blazing Orange here.

Here is an example of some of the Talismanic Tattoos that the Wild Riders have.  I really enjoyed free-hand painting these little designs and I think I will end up doing these on all my Wardancers and some of my Glade Guard.  Braveheart anyone?

In this pose I cut the knee and greenstuffed a joint and have the Wood Elf Glade Guard vaulting over a tree root to "join the fray".  This was a stupid easy conversion to do.

This is a Glade Guard using a bit from the Citadel Trees box as a "shield" or cover.  This will also double as a Standard Bearer should I ever need to include on in the unit.

This was perhaps my favorite conversion.  I cut the joint and bent his knee then turned his bow sideways so that he is doing the Legolas side shot angle.

This guy is also an easy conversion, all I did was again cut the knee and greenstuff the joint then model him in motion shooting his bow.

Here is how the unit of 10 Glade Guard will look when on their movement tray.  You will notice I have put some of my normal "Scouts" into this unit because I have already replaced my normal Scout models with another set I picked up today.  Overall, I'm pleased with how easy this conversion was to do and will more than likely end up doing this for all my Glade Guard in the future.  Thank you GW for making non-metal Core choices.  Soooo much easier to pose.

Finally, I purchased a set of Privateer Press "Reeves of Orboros " box which is used for their Warmachine and Hordes game system.  (The stags from the Wild Rider conversion also come from this system.)  While they do actually have pointy ears (yay) they do use double crossbows but ... Grats my new Scout models - I'd rather them be different looking than my normal Glade Guard so that my opponent doesn't confuse them (and also so that *I* do not forget about using them).  I really like these models and when peer pressure finally kicks in (I'm looking at you Roy and Shawn) I'll start a Circle of Orboros Hordes army.  Til then it's Happy Fantasy Warhammer time!

I've got an 'Ard Boyz tournament on May 16th that I am hoping to be rotated into.  I was the 3rd alternate on the waiting list at Ancient Wonders but hopefully some folks won't show up and I can unleash my 2500 point Ulthwe` Guardian army!

More updates to come later, thanks for reading!