Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The next army...Beastmen or Skaven?

In typical John style I've decided to collect another army.  Shocking I know.  The question is do I run with Beastmen or do I go with Skaven?  In 40k I went with Eldar first because well they are elves.  Space elves but elves nonetheless.  After collecting an army of 1500+ points of Eldar I looked at what would be an army that was different but fun to play.  Enter the Black Templars.  I was then able to commit fully to the idea of the doomed race of "Degenerate witches" as my opponent put it during 'Ard Boyz and then to the notion of having an army of zealous crusading paladins bent on destruction of anything that was an enemy of the Imperium.  Now that I am playing Warhammer Fantasy (Jeremy this is your fault sir) and have gotten comfortable with my Wood Elves and enjoy playing them, I can now look into what would be a different but fun army for Fantasy.
Beastmen vs. Skaven!
-insert dramatic music here-

The Beastmen army is for lack of a better term the complete opposite of the Wood Elves.  You have an army of angry, strong and savage beasts infused with chaos that want nothing more than to rampage and slay anything in their path (and then eat them).  The Beastmen are chock full of just awesome looking models that embrace the savagery and feral feel that the Wood Elves do not have.  Plus, Beastmen have freaking Minotaurs. MINOTAURS MAN!

The Skaven army is unlike anything else in the Warhammer Fantasy world.  They are so terribly random and chaotic that the army itself has a chance to do more damage to itself than my opponent.  They have huge units that have tons of neat little toys that do all sorts of crazy things.  The Skaven are also savage but have a more Secret of Nymn feel to them and that appeals to me.  Plus the Skaven have Ninja Assassins. NINJA ASSASSINS!

I am currently torn between the two armies.  I will be obviously waiting until 8th edition comes out but at the same time the burning need to obtain some of the models and assemble/paint them is almost overwhelming.

The model count for each army at 2250 points is very different, the Skaven would be around 80-130 with toys (read: warmachines and doomwheels) while the Beastman army could be anywhere from 50-100 models depending on how 8th edition changes the game.

The themes I've come up with for each army are also different.  The Beastmen army I want to run with Minotaurs being the backbone of the army along with a Doombull (Minotaur general) leading the war herd.  I want to have them be savage and brutal and really capitalize on the Minotaur's Bloodgreed rule.  A cloven hoof wrecking ball army if you will.  The Skaven army I want to really put emphasis on Clan Eshin, the assassin clan.  I want to have a Grey Seer lead the army with 2 Assassins leading units of Night Runners or Gutter Runners.  I want to see a Screaming Bell being pushed by Clan rats and a Plague Furnace pushed by Plague Monks. I want to really embrace the scurrying horde concept while also causing as much chaos as possible on the board with the army's Skaven hijinks.

I am currently leaning more towards Beastmen at the moment because of the low model count and the absolute brutality it can bring to the table.  I feel this embraces the concept of being opposites of the Wood Elves more than the Skaven do.  However, I think the Skaven  army would be a lot of fun to play regardless if they win or lose.  I will more than likely collect both over time but at the moment I'm attempting to really focus my interest in one of them.

Hrm, only time will tell.