Friday, May 28, 2010

Operation Magneto Initialized!

I'm not normally a lazy person - shut up all of you.
I mean I like saving time as much as the next guy and don't mind doing a ton of work up front to ensure that I save time in the long run.  I really, really enjoy playing Warhammer Fantasy.  I really, really do not like the 20 minutes it takes me to pull my miniatures out and put them on movement trays and make sure they are all properly stacked so that I don't have that weird tipping issue when I go over terrain.  I also don't like moving at a slug's pace when moving my Wild Riders or Glade Guard for fear of tipping over the movement tray and sending metal and plastic miniatures cascading all over the battle map.

My buddy Shawn showed me a nice website where you can order small magnets that have a lot of strength for their size. Combine this with the already magnetic bases I ordered from Gale Force 9 and you have the perfect answer for not having to worry about knocking over and spilling miniatures again!

Step 1: Order Magnetic Bases - check!
Step 2: Obtain new basing materials and supplies - check!
Step 3: Plan out how I will rebase every miniature in the army - check!
Step 4: Realize that the Gale Force 9 bases are not strong enough to hold metal models in place very well and as a result get frustrated and angry  - check!
Step 5: Bitch to Shawn about shitty bases and be given web address for magnets -double check!
Step 6: Use smaller borrowed magnets from Shawn months back to test the pull and strength of even smaller magnets on the magnetic base and be pleased. - check!
Step 7: Order 300 square magnets with a 2.4 lb pull on metal surfaces. (.25" x .25" x .1" blocks) - check!
Step 8: Recreate basing strategy using new magnets size as guide. - check!
Step 9: Wait patiently for magnets and also 8th edition warhammer fantasy to arrive - partial check!
Step 10: Rebase and magnetize miniatures and save self hours of setting up! - SOON!

Ideally I will have entire movement trays magnetized so that when my Battlefoam case comes in I can simply pluck out the measured area of a movement tray and place a ribbon down and use that ribbon to pull the entire tray out of the foam when needed.  Plus if I ever need to go to a tournament and don't want to bring my big old case with me, I can simple grab a cookie sheet and bam! magnetized troop carrier!

I anticipate that this project will easily take a weekend or so primarily since I can not use PVA glue on the magnetic bases that I do plan on using (cause I'll be damned if I spent all that money on bases and don't use them). I will post pictures when Operation Magneto is in the production stage.  It's gonna be awesome when I accidentally place a movement tray on top of my wallet or phone and be without a working phone or bank cards for a few weeks.  Depending on how successful this endeavor is, and I feel it will be since the test runs were satisfactory, I may magnetize my Eldar and Templars in the same fashion.  Time and patience will tell.