Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great Hunt vs. Knights of Khorne then the Dwarven SLAYER Army.

Ended up playing two games of Warhammer Fantasy tonight, one against the Knights of Khorne (Warriors of Chaos) and the other against Eric's Dwarven Slayer Army.  I forgot to bring my camera which is a sad affair because they were two really good games.

The Warriors of Chaos game was a very, very bloody game.  I played against John who had a monotheistic Khorne army (the way it should be imho) and was brutal.  Knights of Khorne are so damn hard to kill, especially with their 1+ armor save in close combat.  When I played against Larry's Nurgle Knight army, I had to deal with a lot of magic and super tough units as well as being debuffed the entire time.  Playing against the Khorne version was even harder since everything frenzied and just would not die.  If I had not built my army to have so many archers I do not think the game would have ended up as a draw.  The last turn ended with me having only my Waywatcher General and his unit of Waywatchers and John having his Champion of Khorne and the unit with him.  Overall only 2 units left both of which were less than half strength.  He had 7 Khornites left and I had 6 Wood elves on the table when it was over.  Great Game!

I think this has got to be one of my favorite types of units in fantasy.  I don't like playing bad guys but man Khorne has the coolest guys ever.

The second game I had scheduled last week against Eric.  Now it is my own fault that I was caught with my pants down on this game.  When everyone said it was his "Slayer army" I was expecting to have a Dwarf army with a huge unit or two with 30+ slayers in it.  Ha.... So Eric's army was using one of the older books that Warhammer Fantasy released which meant that his entire army of 100+ dwarves were Slayers.  He started to put them on the table and I was like ...oh hell.  To top that off every single unit was able to move 2d6+ marching distance (6) first turn.  Eric's average roll was a 9 which meant his Slayers were catapulting 15 inches towards me first turn and disallowing 2 turns of shooting.  To top that off every single unit was unbreakable which was just frustrating since even if I won combat which I did several times, they just said "sup" and stood there.  I had a blast playing against it and really want to go against it again.  This time I know what I'm facing and can deploy better and actually build strategies that work.  i.e. deploy deeper in my own zone nearer to the table edge and arrange it to where I can hit a single unit with multiple units of my own both shooting and in charges.  I really feel if I had been able to engage more than 1 unit in shooting or in close combat at a time I would have been successful and won the game.  The game ended with me only having 400 points on the board to Eric's 1100. I could not wipe out more than 2 of his units of 25 slayers each.  I think he had 5 units of slayers and some sort of goblin or axe launching cannon/bolt thrower that took out an entire unit of archers at a time.  I also failed almost every single leadership test I needed to make which was annoying and cost me 2 expensive units or I would roll like 3 inches when I would be forced to flee due to a break test.  In the end I really enjoyed the game because I know it was a seriously tough army but man it makes you feel good to do really well against a list that you know is just absolutely brutal.  Next time I face the orange haired army I will be ready for it and there shall be blood! BUCKETS OF IT!

 Imagine over 100 of these bastards running at you.
Fun eh?