Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 'Ard Boyz Tournament May 16th.

The Ard Boyz tournament has come and gone.  I have to say that out of the three battles, I really enjoyed my second one the most.  I'm not going to bother posting the bat reps mainly because after 3 2500 point battles it just gets kinda hard to remember everything I did every round so I'll just sum it up here.
Game 1 - Ulthwe` Eldar vs. Black Templars = Ulthwe` Win
Game 2 - Ulthwe` Eldar vs. Sisters of Battle = Draw
Game 3 - Ulthwe` Eldar vs. Space Wolves = Loss

There were three big failings in this tournament that I will comment on. 
1. Mission Types - The first mission type was straight up Victory points and that was fine.  The second mission was not well done since every battle in the second mission was a DRAW.  The third mission was a complete piece of shit - everything that moves over 6" counts as 3 kill points.  Oh really?  Gee that means my army is 45 god damn kill points?  Awesome, thanks GW.  The only army that had more kill points than I did was the opponent I fought in the 2nd round who had 51.  I was not pleased with these missions, I was hoping for more objective style missions or perhaps missions that involved something other than "hey let's kill all your shit".
2.  Quality of Player - There were some big douche bags in this tournament.  The person running the tournament was awesome.  He did a great job of being fun and fair but the douche count was super high.  This really isn't something that can be helped since assclowns will flock to these types of events in hopes of boosting their shitty self-esteem using miniatures as proxy.
3.  My list - I should have said screw fluff and gone full Assbeatery.  I should have dropped my Guardians, taken a unit of Pathfinders and Wraithguard as my 2 Troop selections and thrown a full unit of Banshees, Fire Dragons and an Eldrad toting Seer Council down my opponents throat with Maugen Ra and 3 units of Dark Reapers hailing death from the backfield while my full unit of Harlequins danced their dance of death at anyone foolish enough to get close.  I will say however, kicking as much ass as I did against a Wolfwing-Missile Launcher-Logan Grimnar-Foehammer army with Guardians, felt good. Real good.  If I decide to compete again in 'Ard Boyz - Fluff is gonna go bye bye and me disallowing you armor saves is coming in full force.  Douche list? Yes plz.

Here are some pictures of the Tournament, primarily deployment and some battle pics.  Of the games played, the Sisters of Battle was the most fun.  I kept chiming in after every transport blow up "MORE SISTERS??" They would NOT go away.  I swear he had 5000 of them.  Crazy battle nuns. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I have a game against Ogres Wednesday and we'll see how I do with my new Wood Elf list.  There will be blood, oh yes buckets of it.