Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bretonnian Trebuchet's - finished #steakbet

I have finished the two Bretonnian Trebuchet's for my 2400/2800 point Bretonnian army for the Black Sheep Brawl on January 19th and WFB OFCC in June of 2013.  The actual war machines took longer than the crew for some reason, I'm hazarding a guess because the war machines had pain in the ass hard to reach areas that probably should have been painted prior to assembly.  Oh well.

Anyway - I've already started base coating my men-at-arms so those should be up in a few days followed by the Prophetess then 2 units of archers.  Oh boy...

Enjoy the fruits of the #steakbet.

Be afraid Bryan, be very afraid.

Vainglorious pics to follow.  I would have been more creative with the staging but its 5:17 am and I can't be forced to actually care that much.