Sunday, December 2, 2012

Table War - Product Review.

A few weeks back I was going to a friend's house to get a game of Warhammer Fantasy and  it started to rain down pretty heavily.  Now being an Oregon resident this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise when it happens but I did not expect my army to get as wet as it did.  I thought to myself, there has to be a better solution than just using a tray to transport your models to and fro from place to place.  That was when I happened to be reading through my blogroll and clicked on The Magnificent Bastards blog (the blog for the Pointhammered podcast) and read up on their TableWar experience.  

I own a ridiculous amount of Battlefoam but I grew rather tired of constantly having to lug around the Battlefoam 1520 and then spend 20-30 minutes pulling models out of foam that does and does catch the random pointy bit and causes something to break.  This seemed to be an artificial and unnecessary time sink when I am interested in playing a game because keep in mind I also have to spend 20-30 minutes putting those models away as well.  

So I decided that I wanted an army case that allowed me to not only capitalize on the fact that all my armies and movement trays are magnetized, but also allow me to use trays and deploy my army rather easily and quickly.  The TableWar case seemed to fit the bill all the way around.  So I ordered it online at TableWar and a few weeks later it arrived.

I then with great excitement tore into the box and removed it's contents.  The Full Tower  TableWar Case I ordered came with 4 display trays and a drawer that fit within the carrying case's 20"w x 10"d x 19"h dimensions.

Now being the guy that I am, prior to ordering this awesome army case I also took measurements and made sure that the army would fit within it's dimensions.  I went to Shogun Miniatures and placed an order for their steel trays to fit the dimensions of the display trays of the TableWar case (yes, I totally stole the idea from the Magnificent Bastards blog - it was a brilliant idea and it brings business to a company that I think is awesome like Shogun Miniatures).  For a reasonable amount of money I was able to get these heavy gauge steel trays to slide into the TableWar display trays.

The metal trays then slide right into the Display Trays like so:

The trays are also very well made, they have a depressed slot inside each tray that helps slide into the side slats and keep them in place.  This shows a very high quality of product and a great attention to detail for this company.

Once the trays were all set up and the appropriate measurements were made to ensure that I had enough space between racks, I placed 4,000 points of Wood Elves into my shiny new TableWar case and I was exceptionally pleased with the results.  Here, take a look for yourself.

Also, if I so choose I may instead transport 3,000 points of Beastmen.  I probably could fit more than 3,000 points of Beastmen if I changed how I modeled my army but I don't anticipate that happening any time soon so here is a shot of the metal trays that I would place into the TableWar case.

In closing, I fully recommend this product to anyone that plays any type of Wargame.  I will be marking off and then basing and flocking these metal sheets when I obtain more display trays.  The end result is to be able to pull the trays out and have a display setting already put in place.  

I give this TableWar Full Tower Case two thumbs up!