Thursday, March 22, 2012

Phase Two Results for The Deployment Zone's - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign.

Phase Two Results for The Deployment Zone's - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign.

The second phase of the Deployment Zone’s – Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign has come to a close.  The second phase lasted two weeks and during that time there were 36 games reported and 58 participants.  In the second phase Tamurkhan has forged his way to the Mountains of Mourn and set his armies out to capture and recruit Giants.  There were dozens of Hobgoblin tribes that did not appreciate the Chaos Horde trudging through their territory and they set about harassing the horde at every opportunity.  The ogres who lived in the Mountains of Mourn did their best to prevent the Chaos Horde from crossing into the mountains and trudge through their land.  Tamurkhan and his horde were finally steered into a well laid trap by the Red Fist ogre tribe and a grand battle ensued.  The Ogre Tyrant challenged Tamurkhan to a duel and defeated him in martial combat but was ultimately defeated when the Maggot Lord took over the Tyrants body.  Tamurkhan, now occupying his new body, directed his army to forge through the mountains to the Dead Lands beyond.

While in phase one the Chaos Horde was dominant, they did not do as well as many would have hoped in the second phase.  The Opposition managed to win 22 out of the 36 games reported this phase and won the phase with a total score of 53 to 29 Campaign Points.  

Total Games Reported: 36
Total Opposition Wins/Points Total:  22 Wins – 53 CP’s
Total Chaos Horde Wins/Points Total: 14 Wins – 29 CP’s
Special Scenario played (Conquest of Giants):
Hobgoblin Tribes used!:
Narrative Battles: 6
Storm of Magic:

Notable Battles during Phase 2:

3000 point Storm of Magic Battle – Dwarfs vs. Hobgoblin Tribes
In this Storm of Magic battle, the Dwarfs fought the unique Hobgoblin Tribe.  The Dwarfs actually defeated the Hobgoblins in the last turn after killing off all of the Goblin Shamans and killing a large number of Giants assisting the Hobgoblins!

2500 point Dark Monoliths of Zhulghozar Battle – Dark Elves vs. Bretonnia
In this Narrative Battle of Warhammer, the Dark Elves attempted to slaughter the unsuspecting Bretonnians.  The Dark Elves using many Hydras and Cold One Cavalry sought to dominate the noble Bretonnians and claim the victory.  The Bretonnians had different plans in mind.  The Grail Knights managed to ravage both Hydras and the big unit of Cold One Cavalry while the Trebuchet did a number on the Dark Elf Spearmen.  The Bretonnians ended up winning the game at the top of turn 5 when they wiped out the last remaining Dark Elves.

1500 point Conquest of Giants – Giants vs. Warriors of Chaos
In this Special Scenario, the Giants battled against a Warriors of Chaos army sporting 1 unit of Chaos Warriors, a unit of Chaos Knights and the rest were Marauders.  The general was a Shadow Chaos Sorcerer and they managed to capture 1 -2 Giants a turn and had a solid victory.  This was the only special scenario in which Chaos was victorious.  Good job Eric of Seattle!

Phase 2 has gone to the Opposition and the final outcome of winning each phase will be released when Phase 5 has completed and the final scenario has been released.