Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bestigor Unit - WIP.

I've so far begun painting my unit of 30 Bestigors.
This is a real brief update so I'll just outline my current steps in the batch painting process.
(A process I'll note that is like entering the 7th level of hell)

I primed the models black as you can see here (used character model since I forgot to snap photo of black primed Bestigors).

I next batch painted the entire unit using Scorched Brown - I covered skin, horns and hooves with the color.

I then used the Foundation Paint - Tallarn Flesh to cover the areas of skin - a real fast paint with only 1.5 thin layers.

Lastly I washed the flesh with the Ogryn Flesh wash.  By far my most favorite wash of the now-outdated GW line.

Next up to do will be the first of three flesh highlights then on to red armor and garments!