Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Deployment Zone’s - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign Phase 2: The Lands of Stone and Dust

The great host of Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord set forth with baleful lights of the Realms of Chaos waxing above them, casting down their sickly and fabulous radiance on those below.  Under this unhallowed light many were stricken with visions and others were blessed with the touch of insanity by the Dark God's revelations.  Men and beasts fell and were changed, their bodies contorting and mutating anew into shapes more pleasing to their masters, and those around them rejoiced, letting out great howls of triumph, for surely by this omen was their cause blessed.

So it was that Tamurkhan led them forth from the Northern Wastes.  They were as a stain upon the land - a spreading plague of despoil and devastation that burned like a fire through the raid grasslands of the Eastern Steppe, driving all before it.  Ever swelling with the promise of victory was the host, as warriors and madmen, marauders and beasts flocked to Tamurkhan's flyblown standard, and fell in with the horde.  Soon their number could not well be counted, for as numerous as a swarm of locusts they had become.  They shook the ground as they walked, and all that was sane and natural recoiled at their touch.  The Hobgoblin wolf-tribes of the steppes, as vicious and numerous as they were, were yet cowards and fled in vast numbers before the horde's coming rather than offer battle, their small and blackened souls quailing before the shadow of Chaos.  For its provender the great horde emptied the sparse lands about it as it travelled, and ahead of its three legion-strong columns an arrowhead of thousands of swift-mounted horsemen went abroad, spying out the land and falling into savagery on anything they encountered for meat and murder.*
- Tamrukhan, Throne of Chaos

Scenario Rules for Campaign Phase 2 – Lands of Stone and Dust

Special Scenario: Conquest of Giants (3 CP to the victor) 

The Scenarios: (roll a D6 to determine what battle you play – or you may elect to play the Special scenario instead)

D6 Result

1-2 Battle line (1 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook) 
3-4  Meeting Engagement (1 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook)
5    Surpise Encounter* (2 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook)
6    Dark Monoliths of Zhulgozar* (2 CP to the victor) as a Grand Battle (if the models are available) or a Storm of Magic scenario (2 CP to the victor) as chosen.
* - Narrative scenario from the Warhammer Rulebook

Special Rules for all scenarios: 
Hobgoblin Tribes: (Unique Army for Phase) The lands of the Steppe are infamous for the nomadic tribes of marauding Hobgoblins that plague them.  You can use stand-in Orc & Goblin models to represent these.  Core units for these armies can be comprised of Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Wolf Raiders, and Hobgoblin Khans as Hero choices (See the Legion of Azgorh army list for details).  In addition, Goblin Shamans can also be taken as Hero choices, Goblin Wolf Chariots and Spear Chukkas as Special choices, crewed by Hobgoblins with the appropriate profiles, and with Giants as Rare choices (See Warhammer Armies: Orcs and Goblins for details - their costs remain unchanged).

Dust storms:  Scenarios played in the Stone Lands are subject to the cruel and freakishly unpredictable winds that howl ceaselessly through the area, kicking up dense clouds of blinding dust.  At the beginning of each player's turn, both players roll a D6.  If the result is double then for this turn only all units count as being 6" further away than they actually are for purposes of shooting attacks, and a penalty of -1 is imposed to all charge distances rolled.

Victory Effects: 
Victory effects will be listed when the final scenario is released.

Special Scenario: Conquest of Giants (3 CP to the Victor)

This scenario represents Tamurkhan's plan to enslave the giants of the Mountains of Mourn to do his nefarious bidding.

This scenario is for two players.  The Horde of Chaos player has an army of up to 1,500 pointsto use, while the Opposition has five Giants!

The Battlefield: 
The table is set up using the rules presented on page 142 of the Warhammer Rulebook, with a bias given towards ruins, hills and crags as suggested.

The battlefield is divided into a central deployment zone which is 24" x 16" in size, and a second all round table edge deployment zone 6" wide.  The Giants deploy first in the central zone and the Chaos Horde player deploys in the second, placing all their units within the deployment zone around the table edge.

First Turn: 
Roll off for first turn.

Game Length: 
The game lasts for six turn or until a previously decided time limit. 

Victory Conditions: 
The goal of this scenario is for the Chaos forces to capture rather than kill the Giants which is no mean feat (see scenario special rules).

For every captured Giant, the Chaos Horde gains 1 victory Victory Point.

For every Giant still alive at the end of the game, the Opposition player gains a Victory point.

If no Giants remain captured at the end of the game, the Opposition player wins by default.

Scenario Special Rules: 
Capturing Giants:
Each Infantry, Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, and Monstrous Cavalry unit in the Chaos Horde army counts as being equipped with grapples and nets.

These are used as a shooting attack with a range of 8" (roll once to hit per unit, if the unit is more than two ranks strong, re-roll misses).  This attack may be used against Giants engaged in combat.  At the end of the Shooting phase the grappled Giant must make a Strength test, with a -1 penalty for every grapple attached to it this round after the first grapple.  if the Giant succeeds, it breaks free of the grapples and can act normally.  If it fails, it falls over!

If a unit with nets charges a Giant which has fallen over and passes a Strength test (rather than fighting), the Giant has been trussed up.  The Giant has been captured and can only escape by passing a Strength test of its own at the start of the owning player's phase to break free.

Narrative Battle: 
The narrative battles for this phase follow the same rules as detailed on page 389 or 390 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

The campaign has officially begun!  Please make sure to report your battles to me in person, at john@thedeploymentzone.com or message Sylvos through the Ordo Fanaticus forums (http://www.ordofanaticus.com/forum).