Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What the Waaaaaaaaagh??

So I have had the opportunity to play against every army in the Warhammer Fantasy game with the exception of the Orcs and Goblins army.  Being a 40k player and an Eldar player to boot, I have always had you could say a bit of animosity towards Orks in general.  In fantasy, I have now found a new nemesis!  I had been expecting to take on my friend Neil's Empire army, I was surprised when he pulled out a horde of green skinned orcs to take on my Wood Elves.

We played 2500 points and rolled the Watchtower scenario for our battle mission.  Neither of us having played the Watchtower mission meant we got to play something new for a change.  Neil's army was comprised of over 120? orks with 42 of them being Black Orks.  Oh boy!  I had never fought them before so it was going to be a learning experience to say the least.
Neil's Green Tide - from what I can remember.
3 Rock Lobbas (?)
Level 4 Orc/Goblin Shaman
6 River Trolls
42 Black Orks
4 or 5 units of 20 orks with bows
3 black orc characters

I rolled and won so I got the Watchtower turn 1.

I foolishly deployed one of my 2 units of Glade Guard in the tower and then Neil set up his orks and I my Wood Elves.


Turn 1 Pirate Orcs of the Green Tide -
His Trolls were stupid for turn 1 including his caster with that unit.
His entire army shot at my Waywatchers killing only 1 due to him needing 8's to hit.
His warmachines killed 4 Glade Guard from his templates.
Turn 1 Wood Elves
Entire army moves forward.
Venom Thicket rolled for woods the Wild Riders run into.
I get my +3 str/+3 attack spell off on waywatcher general
Amber spear gets dispel scrolled.
I kill 11 Black Orks with an entire round of shooting - they pass their panic test.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2 Orks
Neil declares a Waaaaaagh! Entire army moves forward ... a lot.
Neil declares his charges and makes all his rolls.
Wild Riders = charged and flanked by 2 units of Orks
Treekin = charged by Trolls
Watchtower = charged by Black Orks
Dryads = charged by 2 units of orks
Great Eagle no.2 = failed charge by Orks
Turn 2 Magic Phase -
Neil casts "Waaaagh" giving his entire army Always Strike First and rerolls to hit.  John fails his dispel roll...twice (thx Wand of Wych Elm! sigh...)
Turn 2 Ork Shooting - 4 more Glade Guard die to war machines
Turn 2 Close combat
a. Dryads all die and are chased down
b. Treekin lose combat and flee with Trolls 1 inch behind
c. Wild Riders lose half their number and flee, Orks 1 inch behind
d. Eagle fails panic test, flees
e. Waywatchers fail panic test and flee (failing the BSB reroll I might add)
f. Glade guard in watch tower would have melted but I called the game right there.

Turn 2 Wood elves - there was no bottom of turn 2.

I have to say I got absolutely TROUNCHED and it was AWESOME.  I totally learned how not to engage orks and what to do against them.  One of my better learning experiences in wargaming.  I personally do not mind losing, especially when it's against something I've never battled before.  I learned so much this game and guess what folks, I've got a rematch next week against Neil's Orks and they are going soooo down.

What not to do vs. Orks if you are a Wood elf player
1. Put glade guard in watch tower, should have been dryads.
2. Move to attack them, I should have made him come across the board and sacrificed my Dryads
3. Shoot at a different unit other than Black Orks to cause chain panic tests.
4. Omg roll better, I think my dice got scared and said "to hell with this game".

Over all, one of my more favorite losses so far in Fantasy.  Next week there shall be blood and it will be GREEN!