Friday, October 1, 2010

The War Host unleashed! Army Showcase - Wood Elves

I have completed my 8th edition Wood Elf Army.  When I first set out to configure my army for 8th edition I had several goals I wanted to accomplish when I redid the army.
I wanted:
1. The entire army magnetized
2. Fast and Mobile army - I needed to get fliers and use cavalry
3. The terrain in 8th edition being mysterious made me kind of apprehensive about entering forests so I decided that I needed to bring my own with me. - Trees integrated into the forest
4. Unique looking units that would make the army memorable.
5.  I wanted Stags, Eagles, Rangers and most importantly I wanted some Werewolves.
6.  I wanted the theme to be easy yet look good.

If you look at the right side of this blog you'll see a list of labels that I have marked my posts with.  In order to see the WIP of these units you are welcome to click on those and the WIP pictures will be visible.  This should be helpful in case any of you like my conversion work.

Now that the army has been completed, you will see several battle reports posted in between the WIP posts for my Beastmen army.

Here we have the Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren fully displayed.

Waywatcher Lord Sylvos Greystorm the Huntsman, Ranger-General of Athel Loren and his bodyguard of 10 Waywatchers, the Forest Stalkers of Athel Loren.

Lloric Tanelsan, the Lord of the Hunt and his Outriders, the Riders of Twilight.

For these models, I took Privateer Press Raptors and converted Games Workshop Wild Riders to make a unique-looking unit.  I wanted my Wild Riders to all be mounted on Stags like their leader.

The Handmaidens of Durthu lead by Ce'Nedra the Frost Maiden.

Dornatha, the Verdant Rage.  This Treeman currently serves as a unit filler for when my Dryads rank up but I enjoy the model and use it whenever I can.

The Lost Kindred, the Thorn Knights of Dornatha.  These Privateer Press Warpborn Skinwalker models serve as my Treekin.  I wanted to have Werewolves in my Wood elf army.  I figured I could pass them off as the "Lost Kindred" of Athel Loren.  I absolutely love the models and am pleased I spent the time and money to get them.

Borcha, the Silent Wind.  This Great Eagle is a gamezone miniature that I converted to be mounted on a Games Workshop tree.

Scrya, the Talon of Dawn.  Yet another Great Eagle converted from the Gamezone miniature line.

The Sethayla, Talons of the Hawk Lord.  These are more gamezone models that I mounted as a unit on Games Workshop trees.  I really enjoy how useful the models are in games and the eagle's feathers work for me.

Druidess Nysa Greystorm, the High-priestess of Kel-Isha and the Storm Wardens of Coeth Mara.  This unit I really enjoyed putting together.  I multi-based the musician and the standard bearer while still providing enough room to put the rest of the unit in a tray.  The crucified Gor was a lot of fun to do plus you can expect to see some dead Wood Elves in my Beastman army coming up.
I also experimented with using Washes to paint a miniature (the Spellweaver on the far left). I think it'll take some time to get it down fully but it's a worthwhile technique nonetheless.

Druidess Nysa Greystorm after Transformation of Kadon.  Sadly, this model doesn't get to be on the table unless I roll really well.

Lady Nepenthia Dreamsinger, Battle Standard Bearer and her Farstriders.  This unit was great.  I was able to paint a red and white Alabama  "A" for the Crimson Tide or ...Athel Loren.

Side angle of theWar Host.  Needless to say I' love my Wood elf army and it's going to be hard assembling all those Beastmen!

You'll notice that I put a large amount of trees INTO the army.  The reason being is that I wanted to have a display army that was playable.  After a lot of work and ensuring that models would fit and were magnetized properly I was able to complete this army with little or no major issues.  I will be constructing my Beastmen in the upcoming weeks so you can expect to get updates very often.  Thanks!