Friday, October 22, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Wood Elves vs. Brettonia: 2500 point battle

Tonight I went to a friend's house and got a few games in while watching football.  I was able to get 2 games in while the football game was on and managed to score two wins.  I'm glad I was able to get these wins after last night's complete gutterstomping of my Wood Elves.  Nick and his buddies have been playing Warhammer and Flames of War for years so I was glad I got to go up against yet another group of experienced players.

The Great Hunt - Sylvos's 2500 pt Wood elf army list is Here .

Nick's Brettonia was comprised of:
1 Lord on a Hippogriff
1 Level 4 Prophetess mounted on barded warhorse
1 Footslogging paladin
1 BSB Paladin mounted on barded warhorse
39 Men at arms w/ full command - footslogging paladin went here
30 Men at arms w/ full command
9 Knights of the Realm w/ full command
3 Pegasus Knights
8 Questing Knights with full command - BSB went here
8 Grail Knights w/ full command - Prophetess went here
15 Grail Reliquae

Mission Type:  Battle for the Pass - Mission 3
Army Size: 2500 

Deployment:  I rolled higher and got to place first.  You can see that I attempted to stagger out my side of the field in order to ensure my units were able to work together without stretching myself too thin.

Turn 1 

Wood Elves - It was fortunate that I was able to go first (and the fact that Nick chose to go second so he could get his ward save).  The first thing I did was to move my units into position (the white arrows should show you exactly where I moved) during the magic phase I hit his Grail Knights and Prophetess with the Amber Spear.  He needed to roll a 22 to dispel and sadly rolled a 21 losing 3 knights in a file. He further lost the entire unit to my Waywatchers and General hammering down on him with Killing Blow and Arcane Bodkins.  The unit was destroyed.  The Glade guard managed to inflict enough casualties on his unit of 30 man-at-arms to cause them to break which also made his Grail Reliquae flee.  The Warhawk Riders scored a casualty on his Questing Knights.

Brettonia - Nick failed a charge with this Questing Knights because the Warhawk Riders opted to flee.  The General was gunned down by the Waywatchers and General's stand and shoot reaction. The Knights of the Realm charged the Wild Riders and the Grail Reliquae was able to pass their morale test.  The Trebuchet scored 6 casualties on the Spellweaver Glade guard unit.  Wild Riders and KotR fought and remained locked in combat.

Turn 2

Wood Elves - Great Eagle and Dryads charge the Pegasus Knights, waywatchers move into position to shoot the warmachine.  Waywatchers manage to kill the warmachine and the Wild Riders and KotR still remain in combat.  Dryads and Great Eagle manage to kill 1 Pegasus Knight but remain locked in combat.

Brettonia - Men at Arms charge the smaller Glade Guard unit, losing a lot due to stand and shoot but made it into base to base but the Glade Guard hold due to reroll to LD granted by BSB nearby. Wild Riders route the KotR but the Questing Knights demolish the Dryads and force the great eagle to flee off the board.  Grail Reliquae charge the Waywatchers, they do good damage but Waywatchers win the battle but the stubborn Grail stay in it.

Turn 3

Wood Elves - The warhawk riders charge the Pegasus Knight and end up chasing them off the board after a successful round of combat.  The Spellsinger turns into a Dragon and eats the Men at arms and the Waywatchers still battle it out with the Grail Reliquae.

Brettonia - Questing Knights charge and kill the BSB Glade Guard unit while the Men at arms unit position themselves to charge the Great Eagle.

Turn 4

Wood Elves - Great Eagle and Wild Riders charge the men at arms unit and wipe them out while the Spellweaver demolishes the Questing Knights. The waywatchers kill the Grail Reliquae.

Brettonia - The last pegasus knight runs off the board and the Wood Elves win the battle.

Battle Summary - 
I really hope this battle report was easy to read and make sense of because I had to do most of the battle by memory and it was one of two games that night.  I attempted to summarize as much as I could without leaving out too much critical detail.  I am hesitant to use my camera much due to the number of magnetic items in my figure case so I felt this is a good alternative.
If you folks like this battle chronicler reporting software let me know and I'll keep using it.  I think as I get more familiar with it the battles will be a bit more precise and make more sense.

The Brettonians in this game just got absolutely unlucky with ward saves.  Losing his Level 4, Grail Knights and General in the 1st turn was brutal.  While he did manage to chew up a good amount of my army, the dice really were hot for me this game.  Oddly enough, the unit that is normally my anvil and most destructive didn't do a single thing this game - the Treekin.  Go figure.  They did earn their keep against the Skaven in the next game.  I'll try to get that battle report posted tomorrow.

I had a blast playing against Nick and his friends and I'll be sure to play against them sometime soon.