Friday, October 8, 2010

Doombull and Minotaur WIP! Beastmen have begun!

The Beastman army has begun.  I have to say I'm not especially pleased with the way the models are suppossed to rank up.  I don't know if it's because I have this overwhelming desire to "pose" my miniatures or if they are supposed to look like they are crammed shoulder to shoulder with each other on the battlefield.  Either way, I got the minotaurs and the Doombull general assembled and that will spark the beginning of the army's assembling.

I've also been fooling around with getting better pictures with my camera for my single and group model shots.  The minotaur and doombull images obviously won't show this since I did these on my couch while watching TV but the other images should hopefully be a step up from my previous shots of the Wood Elf army.  We'll see, anyway here we go enjoy your pictures!

This is the Doombull model I recently assembled last Wednesday.  I really, really dislike models that you have to pin and secure 2 points at the same time.  i.e.  Both wrists lack hands and the axe has to match up which has the hands.  The Doombull was actually easy to assemble other than that.  I also ran into the issue of the Doombull not fitting base to base with the other minotaurs.  Apparently his axe which is only slightly smaller than a Buick just so happens to loom over another model's area.  Go figure!  So with a bit of creative basing, i.e. adding almost an inch of height to the model, his axe now does not interfere with the adjacent model.

Here we have the unit together.  The minotaur models are both awesome and horrible at the same time.  The kit is great, various options for customizing them but the insane muscles and the weird feet do not do the models any favors.  As you can see two of the group had to have some height added to them in order to fit base to base with the others.  I don't get it, perhaps I just suck but I'll be damned if I couldn't get them to fit without touching.  Oh yes, if you will note that the floor in the background is Brazilian Cherrywood, thanks for noticing!

Here you will see two new pictures of some of the character models in my wood elf army. I've messed around a little bit with using the white background and natural lighting.  I am hoping that I can rephotograph the entire army and not have all my colors get washed out like previous images have shown.  I read a rather helpful tutorial on the FTW webring about photographing your miniatures without needing a studio and for the most part it was good!  Anyway, hopefully these two images look better than their previous ones do.

Here is a partial group shot where I realized that I was going to need a bigger background to shoot!  Hopefully this will look better than the previous group shot in a previous post.

Anyway, you can expect to see more images and posts in the next few weeks as I am able to do more building in my free time.  This next army will not have anywhere near the same level of conversion work my Wood Elf army did but there will be some conversions done - the Cygor comes to mind.  Hope you enjoyed this mini-update.