Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mierce Miniatures - Minotaurs WIP

As I mentioned before, I had purchased and converted several of the Mierce Minatures minotaurs for my Beastmen/Warriors of Chaos army.  Now that I am gung-ho on ensuring that my collection of models gets painted to a high standard, I am embarking on Operation Mino-balls.

I have just done the first six or seven layers of flesh using the following P3 recipes:

Base: Beast Hide
Shade: Umbral Umber/Water/Mixing Medium - 1:1:1 ratio (this served as a wash)
Shade: Umbral Umber/Beast Hide - 1:1 ratio
Highlight - Beast Hide/Hammerfell Khaki 2:1 ratio
Highlight - Beast Hide/Hammerfell Khaki 1:1 ratio
Hightlight - Hammerfell Khaki
Highlight - Hammerfell Khaki/Jack Bone - 1:1 ratio
Highlight - Jack Bone

I may add a Jackbone/Menoth White Highlight layer as well for higher accentuation but we'll see.  I'm going to come back to the model after a day and see how I feel.

The issue I run into with P3 paints is that they emphasize blending rather than the traditional layering technique you use with GW paints (and subsequently what I am used to).  I will begin feathering the highlights like I did with the Wood Elves soon but for a baseline this works.

The next challenge is the armor, I want a black/blue shade to it but one that doesn't wash out the model completely.

The most notable feature however, is not the several levels of highlights or the shading.  It is the fact that a pair of Minotaur testicles have seven layers of highlights and shades....