Friday, October 31, 2014

Hobby Projects for Autumn and Winter.

So this fall and winter will be quite busy for me as I have lined myself up with 3-4 projects to complete in a short time.  I have embarked on this "hobby sojourn" in order to finish up various started projects and begin to organize my hobby storage area at home a bit more.

As we age and spend money on crap, we begin to accumulate piles of things "to do".  I know in my closet I have an half painted Dark Eldar force, a Warriors of Chaos army partially assembled, 100 points of Retribution and Circle Orboros to paint and not to mention 2 more Fantasy armies and 1 40k army to repaint to match my Wood Elves.

With the End Times looming and the Legion of Chaos being an option for a unified Chaos force, the desire to redo my Beastmen and get the unpainted Warriors finished is pressing.  Plus, my wife's cousin is interested in playing Warhammer so now I have a padawan to teach.

So moving forward here is the current list of projects that should be displayed on the blog:

1. Wood Elf army pictures displayed with alternate/better backdrop. (the previous pics made everything rosey and pink)

2.  Retribution of Scyrah army painted.

3.  Warriors of Chaos - Eye Aeternum, the Hellfire Legion completed.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures up soon (and maybe a few lists!)