Friday, August 29, 2014

Growing Pains Part 2: Making it all fit inside the Table War Case

So, I have painstakingly painted an entire legion of models.  I have enough to field 3 variant 2800 point lists and 2 variant 3000 point lists with my Wood Elves.  The issue I am running into now is space.  I had originally purchased my Table War case because it was a fantastic method of displaying the army and also protecting it at the same time.  As I have used this wonderful transport, I have had a desire to turn it into even more of a display case by basing and sanding the trays.

So I started my night by priming and painting my movement trays (for all the incarnations of this army).

Afterwards I took stock of what I had.

Having decided that it would be awesome to have a "display tray", I had primed, sanded and based 3 of the Table War trays.

So after various attempts to make it all not only fit on the trays but also inside the case I managed to come up with this configuration.

I had to unfortunately remove the drawer in order to make this all fit (stupid tall banners).  But 4k points worth of elves fit within the case after a while.

I still find Table War a great case but I may need to either a. slim down my inventory or b. suck it up and keep it as such and just create and carry a display board for OFCC.

I have not yet decided but I have just under 30 days to decide. So, I'm out for now but I'll post again soon!