Friday, August 15, 2014

From the Hobby Desk - Waywatchers, Treemen Ancients and Unicorns oh my!

Thought I would give a brief work in progress update on what I have been working on in the past week.
I know that I posted a few images of my current paint jobs with the red background that managed to wash everything in a sheen of pink, so as a result I will be retaking several of those photos with a blue or black background to see if I can get better images.

That said I decided to update my waywatchers I painted well over 6 years ago. I am currently only 50% done as I have only really updated one color on them (green) but I hope to get better "fleshed" out skin tones and make them look far more dynamic.





Treeman Ancient - WIP.
So I have a few things I may end up doing to this guy after a night's reflection.  But for the most part he's done because I based him (that's generally my - F it i'm done signal).

And finally we have the remaining models to complete/update before OFCC and we can call 4,000 points of freshly updated and painted Wood Elves done!  And no, I still haven't assembled/converted my spellsinger/weaver on a unicorn yet.  Soon, shush.