Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From the Hobby Desk 3 - Spellsinger on a Unicorn WIP

In order to finish out my summer project, I saved the conversion of the Spellsinger on a Unicorn for last.  I had originally wanted to get the metal version of this model but ended up buying 3 of the Reaper BONES version because they were 3 bucks each.  Anyway, this model came with a bit of a learning curve as you have to properly prepare it before painting.

P3 Primer really is the best option as it will stick to the model without making it tacky.  Anyway - I made a critical mistake while painting this model as I did not use Rakarth Flesh (or P3 Menoth White Base) as the basecoat but rather Celestial Grey.  It made the model a bit darker in the recesses than I had originally planned but that's how things go.

I also waffled on the mane color, I had wanted to do a dark red with bright red highlights but ended up going with blue to match my Sisters of Thorn models.

Anyway - WIP pics: